The Crucible Act 1 Quiz Flashcard Example #62652

In what year did the play take place?
Why is Reverend Parris reluctant to let people know of Betty’s illness?
He feels that his enemies will destroy his reputation
What were Betty and Abigail doing in the forest when Reverend Parris frightened them?
Dancing and conjuring spirits
What do the Putnams and Reverend Parris have in common?
They both have sick or bewitched daughters
What mission did Abigail have concerning the wife of John Proctor?
She wanted to conjure a spell to get rid of her.
What is the location of the first act?
Reverend Parris’s home; Betty’s room
Why did Mrs. Putnam send her daughter to Tituba?
To have Ruth Contact the spirits of the dead Putnam babies
Who did Betty call for when she awakened and what did she try to do?
Her mother. Fly out the wiondow
She admits to “dancing with the devil” and “writing in his book” at the end of Act I. She also claims to have turned to Jesus.
Why does Mary urge Abigail to confess?
So they wont be hanged
Why doesn’t Proctor regularly attend church?
Proctor doesn’t like Reverend Parris.
Why is Giles Cory unable to pray?
Because his wife was reading books
Why is Reverend Hale in town?
To help the girls be cured of witchcraft
What does Anne Putnam think Betties problem is?
She thinks that she is bewitched like Ruth
The Puritan’s came to this country for religious freedom; however, when they got here they persecuted others as they had been persecuted.
Tituba was Proctor’s slave woman from Barbados. She went with the girls into the forest and was accused of conjuring spirits, accused of being a witch.
Abigail was Parris’s daughter. She wanted to take Rebecca’s place as John Proctor’s wife.
Betty was Parris’s daughter. In the opening scene, she has had some sort of a fit, and the only explanation the people of Salem can find for her condition is the presence of witchcraft.
Parris was well like and in complete control of his congregation.
John Proctor and Abigail had an affair
One sign that Betty was bewitched was that she shrieked and flew around the room praising Satan
Why did Tituba confess to meeting with the Devil?
She feared she would be hanged if she didn’t confess.
From reading Act I, what conclusion can you draw about John Proctor?
He rebels against the authority of the church by speaking his mind.

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