The Crucible: Act 4 Questions Flashcard Example #11782

What explanation does Cheever give for Parris’ “mad look”?
He thinks it is caused by the cows. In other words, the cows are left wandering since their
masters are in jail, and there is much contention in the town about ownership and the
whole political scene.
What has Abigail done?
She disappeared with all of Parris’s savings and went to Boston.
Parris says “you cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me. What “sort” does he mean and what is the danger to him?
Because Proctor, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Martha and others were upstanding citizens, people were truly doubtful of their connections with the devil. Since Parris was
so involved with the prosecution of these individuals, he was beginning to get threats on
his life.
Explain Danforth’s reason that a pardon would not be just.
He would look bad for letting go those who were accused when so many before them were condemned.
Why has Hale come back to Salem?
To make his wrongdoing right again.
What does Hale want Elizabeth to do?
To talk to Proctor and convince him to confess.
What happened to Giles?
He was pressed to death.
Proctor says, “my honesty is broke, Elizabeth, I am no good man.” Explain what he means.
At this point, he has decided to confess even though he is not guilty. He is telling a lie to
save his own life
What “confession” did Elizabeth make to John?
The she was a cold-hearted woman and it was her fault he cheated on her.
What did Proctor do after he signed the confession? Why?
He ripped it up and took back his confession, because he wanted to leave this world with a clean slate.
“I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” Explain what this means.
When Proctor signs his confession, he doesn’t want them to hang it on the church for all to see and judge.
“He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!” Explain.
Proctor regains his goodness by
accepting his death of hanging rather than becoming an accomplice to the misguided authorities. If she
were to convince Proctor to give a public confession (and thereby save his life), Elizabeth would put him back in the situation where his goodness would be lost.

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