The Crucible Cast of Characters Flashcard Example #89168

Reverend Parris
a windowed in his mid-forties who has been the minister at Salem for three years; he is materialistic and obsessed with social position, considered materialistic and greedy
the minister’s slave from Barbados in the West Indies; familiar with voodoo, she plays a fortune-telling fames, etc. with the bored young girls of Salem, slave from Barbados
Abigail Williams
the minister’s orphaned seventeen-year-old niece who is a vicious troublemaker’ she encourages the young girls to participate in Tituba’s game and later pretends to be under the spell of witchcraft; she immensely enjoys seeing the innocent accused, she will stop at nothing to destroy the wife of her man
John Proctor
a farmer who suffers great guilt for having had an affair with Abigail; he tries to stop the hysteria, hangs because he refuses to confess to witchcraft
Elizabeth Proctor
John Proctor’s wife who discovers his affair with their ferment servant Abigail, whom she fires; Abigail wishes Elizabeth to be dead, accuse of using poppet to bring harm to young girls
Mary Warren
the Proctor’s eighteen-year-old servant girl, makes poppet and gives it as a gift incriminates Ms. Proctor
Rebecca Nurse
an elderly midwife who is highly respected in Salem for charity; the model of the pious Puritan woman, hanged for murder, even though she is considered the best christian model in all of Salem
Giles Corey
an independent thinker who is an old gossiper and teaser; he often males careless remarks; he is John Proctor’s friend, is pressed to death
Thomas Putnam
a vindictive, greedy land owner who holds grudges, insecure about position in Salem and anxious to get more land for his family
Reverend John Hale
the Puritan minister who is an authority on demonology; he instigates the investigations but later tries to put them to an end as the hysteria escalates, feels guilty about the trials and attempts to get the condemned to confess so that they will not have to die
Judge Danforth
the deputy governor of Salem; he is dedicated to removing all “witches” from Salem, and therefore, allows no one to question his authority, mainly concerned with legality of situation in Salem, people must be punished

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