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3 sentence summary
3 sentence summary
-The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a story about the Salem Witch Trials of 1629
-When a group of girls led by abigail williams is suspected of witchcraft, they deflect the accusations onto other people in the community
– The husbands of the accused, John Proctor, Giles Corey, and Nurse gather evidence to free their wives, but only end up bringing harm to themselves as well
Fear and suspicion are infectious and can produce mass hysteria that destroys public order and rationality
This theme is supported when abigail shifts suspicion from her to tituba, when Giles presents his evidence claiming Thomas Putnam is a murderer, and when the girls accuse mary warren.
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The theme is supported in act II when abigail transfers the suspicion of witchcraft from herself to Tituba.
in this scene, fear and suspicion are infectious when
-suspicion begins to fall on abigail because her answers to hales questions are backing her into a corner.
-she then places the blame on tituba, spreading the suspicion to her quickly
-when tituba is threatened with her life, she begins to name people out of fear
Mass hysteria breaks out when
the girls begin to shout and name people towards the end of the scene
public order is destroyed when
the girls’ words are enough to put people under arrest even though they are not in court
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In act II, Giles’s attempt to present evidence against Putnam supports the theme as well
In this scene, fear and suspicion becomes infectious when
-Putnam denies his accusations and it shifts to giles
-Giles refuses to give the name of the neighbor to provided this evidence, sealing the suspicion on himself
Mass hysteria is shown when
giles is found in contempt of court, and attacked putnam shortly after
Public Order is destroyed when
Danforth and Herrick start court unconventionally. this gets rids of rationality bc he can now be charged for contempt of court.
body 3
The theme is also supported when the girls accuse Mary Warren after she testifies against them.
fear and suspicion is infectious in this scene when
-they become scared of the suspicion placed on them by mary
-they deny the accusations and begin to act as if mary’s spirit is harming them with cold wind and the threat of a yellow bird.
-the fear/suspicion now shifts to Mary, but mary then blames Mr Proctor.
– the suspicion spreads easily and shifts three times, making it very infectious
mass hysteria
occurs when the girls begin to scream and react to the yellow bird
public order destroyed when
john gets arrested, because the court officials believe the girls’ claim. they ignore solid evidence and accept spectral evidence. doing so is not rational or sensible.
– recap theis
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