The Crucible FINAL TEST Flashcard Example #76546

def. of Crucible
a severe test or trial
The girls are caught…
dancing in the woods
describe Tituba
slave that is devoted to Betty
who’s rev. Paris’s niece?
Abigail Williams
Why does Abigail think she got fired?
She thinks Elizabeth Proctor made John fire her.
What was Anne Putnam’s greatest grief?
7 dead children
Why was John Hale summoned?
He was an expert on witchcraft ands can help Salem
Why was Betty in a trance-like state?
she fears punishment for being caught dancing in the woods
Why does abigail threaten Betty?
Fear of the villagers knowing everything they did in the woods
Why does Abigail accuse Goody Good and Goody Osborn?
she can persuade Mrs. Putnam and not be punished
Giles Corey says his wife has been reading weird books because he…
wants to appear important to the community leaders
What were the dates of the trails?
February 1692 – May 1693
What previous ancient European religion did the Puritans dislike?
the Church of England
Where did they get their fear of witches?
Men and women who did not follow the rules were believed to be corrupt.
What were the occupations of the first women accused?
Nurses and midwives
POWER CORRUPTS- what does it mean?
What characterizes Marry Warren?
She claims to be an “official of the court” and won’t be treated like a child.
What is Elizabeth afraid of?
John still likes Abigail.
Why do the Proctors not go to church?
They don’t think that Parris is a true man of God.
What is Mary Warren’s (the girl who lives with the Proctors) motivation to accuse others?
She wants to be accepted/ fear of being accused herself
Why does Elizabeth worry about Abigail making a claim against her?
Abigail wants to be the next Goody Proctor
John is indirectly characterized by what?
Elizabeth keeps a “funeral in her heart”.
What are the folks of Salem motivated by, in act 2?
Greed, lust, superstition
Elizabeth is indirectly characterized by what?
She leaves to go to jail willingly/ she gives Mary (Warren) instructions about breakfast and baking.
Know the major conflicts
ex: girls in woods, Elizabeth accused of stabbing Abbi w/ needle, etc.
What happens when John Proctor comes to Elizabeths hearing with evidence that the accusations against her are false?
Judge Danforth accuses him of being a witch
Who begins to doubt themself in act 3?
Rev. Hale
What does Danforth do with the list of people who support Martha and Rebecca?
He planned to gather all 91 and question them and possibly arrest them.
What does Hawthorne ask Mary Warren to do in court that she cannot do?
Abigail threatens Danforth
she says ALL must beware the Devil, including Danforth, implying a threat to him.
What secret does John reveal to the court to prove the girls were lying?
He says Abbi had a vengeance because of their affair.
What does John tell the court about his wife?
She won’t lie.
How do the girls terrorize Mary Warren?
They repeat everything she says.
Who’s taken to jail in Act 3?
John Proctor/ Giles Corey
Parris shows that he doesn’t care about what?
True justice being served
Abigail gets everything she wanted out of the trails until…
John denounces and is arrested
Danforth doesn’t want to find out about the girls lying, because…?
He will be blamed for the death of innocent people.
Why does Elizabeth lie to the court about the affair?
She loves John and wants to protect him.
What is Deputy Governor Danforth like?
ignorant, humorless man who refuses to listen to evidence.
know what verbal and dramatic irony is

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