The Crucible Flashcard Example #43070

Name the author and write about him and his times.
Arthur Miller
-He lived during the 1950s when communism was a great fear.
McCarthy Hearings
During the 1950s, many innocent people were accused of being traitors (communists, mainly) to our country and, while they were not physically harmed, their professional and personal lives were ruined. Miller draws a parallel b.w the period of hysteria in our country to the witch trials.
What is a crucible?
A place or occasion of severe test or trial.
What kind of drama is the Crucible?
Tragedy and Drama
How is the Crucible structured?
Miller structures The Crucible into four acts. There is some off-stage action such as John Proctors affair.
The exposition occurs at the beginning of act one where the situation is introduce. The audience finds out that the girls have been practicing witchcraft in the forest with Tituba.
The initial incident is the actual accusing of the women of witchcraft by the several girls that were in the forest.
The rising action is the witch hunt itself.
The crisis/climax is the accusing of the Proctors of witchcraft.
The falling action and the denouement is the actual execution where John Proctor upholds his innocence and goes to the gallows.
Name the POV.
The Crucible is told from a third person objective point of view. The characters do not address the audience in the first person.
The Crucible is set against the backdrop of the mad witch hunts of the Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 17th century. Since this story is based on a true story, its setting is real. The fact that the story takes place during the 17th century is important. the community needed to be superstitious and gullible in order for this incident to have happened.
“Theology sir, is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be accounted small”
Mr. Hale, pg 71
“I will not have it said my name is soiled”
Abigail, pg 13
“Then go tell her she’s a *****. Whatever promise she may sense– break it, John, break it”
Elizabeth, Pg 65
“This is a sharp time, now, a precise time– we live no longer in the dusky afternoon when evil mixed itself with good and befuddled the world”
Danforth, pg 99
Describe the tone
The tone is serious, cynical, and formal. He achieves this tone by the terrible tragedy of the innocent people executed, and the mental struggles of John Proctor.
why would Miller include the note historical accuracy?
comparing two the time periods.
who are reverend, Betty, and Abigail? what is their relationship?
town minister; 9 year old daughter of Parris; Parris niece
who is Tituba? what is her relationship to the family?
Caribbean lady from Barbados- voodoo; Parris servent
what is wrong with Betty?
wont wake up; no medical explanation
why does Parris suggest calling in Reverend Hale?
famous witch hunter
who are Ann and Thomas Putnam? what do they suggest is Betty’s problem? what is their motivation for suggesting this?
old married couple with 8 miscarriages; witchcraft
Rev. Parris is worried that Abigail’s actions have jeopardized something important- what is jeopardized?
his reputation
who is Ruth? what is wrong with her? how do the Putnam’s tie her problem to Betty’s?
Putnams daughter wont wake
what does the conversation between Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Mary warren and Betty reveal about their recent activities?
dancing in woods, Abigail drank a blood charm to kill goody proctor. to conjure spirits.
what will Abigail bring to those who breathe a word of the truth?
give three characteristics of John Proctor?
guilt, pride, and logical
what event transpired between Abigail and John Proctor prior to the beginning of Act one?
an affair
what does Abigail say about Elizabeth Proctor? how might this affect the outcome of the play?
refers to her as sickly/ controlling = revenge
what happens to Betty when she hears the lord’s name?
why didn’t the Putnam’s like the nurse?
no child casualties
what does Rebecca say about Betty’s condition?
was all an act
give two example that Proctor, Putnam and Corey give for why Parris is an ineffective minister.
hell, money and himself
what is the Putnam’s grievance over land? what significance might this have?
who owns what accuse others of witchcraft to get their land
describe Giles Corey is one sentence.
stubborn old man
how does Miller describe Reverend Hale?
well educated and logical
how does Hale confuse Tituba? what is the significance of their conversation?
pressured into confessing
how and by whom are the other villagers accused of witchcraft? what is the motivation of the girls’ accusations? how many people are accused on the last page of act one?
tituba makes a false confession to save her life.
Abigail does the same to basically get her off the hook
11 people accused of witchcraft
What is the significance of the scene b/w Elizabeth and John Proctor? What does it reveal about their relationship and characters?
It’s strained with a distance between them.
John is not satisfied with her soup just like he ain’t satisfied with his wife 😉 ehhh
jk. It’s actually pretty serious and sad.
Why do you think Miller would include this convo bw E and JP in the beginning of act 2?
It shows the impact of the affair on their marriage :((
What does Eliz. encourage JP to do on pg 56?
Eliz. wants JP to tell the court what Abigail the hoe said to him privately!!
Explain Eliz. statement “John, if it were not Abigail that you must go hurt, would you falter now? I think not.” And explain John’s response.
Of course JP reacts pretty coldly and angrily. Complains that Eliz needs to hurry up and forgive him since it’s been like… 7 months… like dang woman.
JP= kinda a douche
What is the gift Mary Warren gives to Eliz?
What info does MW provide abt the trial? What role is she playing at the trial? Why does John forbid her from attending?
39 peeps have been arrested. Goody Osbourne will HANG. Sarah Good confessed and is preggers :O
M.W is an official of the court.
John believes its strange work for a Christian girl to hang women.
JP= kinda a smart douche
How many have been arrested for witchcraft?
M.W tells JP tht those accused will not hang if they do something, Which is what?
Explain why MW thinks Eliz should speak civilly to her?
Why does Reverand Hale come to the Proctor’s home? What does this scene reveal about Hale’s role in the trial?
Comes at his own will w/o courts authority.
He wants to see for himself if there is any proof to the accused women.
What does JP tell Hale abt why the children were ill? How does he claim to know?
Mr. Parris discovered them in the woods dancing, his confidant…ABIGAIL WILLIAMS
What is the point of discussion bw Hale and the Proctors abt whether or not they believe in witches?
Eliz and JP don’t believe in witches/ even though its in the Bible
What event begins to change Hale’s opinion abt the arrests? How does he feel abt the court?
When Eliz is arrested he learns he has no control over the court. “The power is passing out of his hands”
Which of the ten commandments did JP forget?
ADULTERY, oh the clever irony
How are these two ideas connected: Walcott buying a pig and Martha Corey being accused of witchcraft?
Martha said Walcott didn’t feed the pigs regularly so he wouldn’t be able to keep none. He accuses her bc of this, says she cursed him.
Explain the allusion JP makes to Pontius Pilate
Judge when Jesus was on trial. Pilate let the ppl run things. Hale allows ppl to run the court.
What does JP want MW to do after Eliz is arrested?
tht she needs to tell the court she made the poppet
What do we learn abt MW motives at the end of the act?
She can’t go against Abby’s will. She’s afraid of her. Know’s abt the affair. Court would turn on her if she told the truth.

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