The Crucible: Play vs. Movie Flashcard Example #37546

Are the girls are shown dancing in the forest in the beginning of both the play and the movie?
The girls are not shown dancing in the play; it’s talked about by Parris, but you don’t see it.
Is Tituba beaten into confession in the movie, but not in the play?
Tituba is threatened with beating in the play, which is enough to make her confess. In the movie, the audience sees her being beaten and hears her confession.
In the play and the movie, does Parris explain why he’s invited Hale to Salem: perhaps he’ll find signs of Lucifer?
Hale is brought in because he’s an expert in witches, but Parris DOES NOT tell the people of Salem in the play because he doesn’t want to lose face.
Betty screams at Abigail about drinking a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife. Is this scene in both the play and the movie?
This scene is only in the movie. In the play, Betty doesn’t tell why Abigail drank blood or say anything about why they were in the woods.
Is George Jacobs is hanged for witchcraft in both the book and the movie?
George Jacobs isn’t in the play.
In which presentation of The Crucible does Ruth Putnam testify in court against George Jacobs.
George Jacobs is only in the movie.
Why is Martha Corey accused of witchcraft?
Her husband inadvertently accuses her of being a witch when he asks Hale about the books (not the Bible) that she reads, and she goes to prison because of it.
In the movie, as Hale questions the girls, who is the first accused of leading the girls to dance in the woods?
Abigail is first accused by Mary Warren, but Hale ignores Mary when Abigail shrieks that it was Tituba that made them do it.
In which version of The Crucible does Abigail grope John Proctor and they kiss as they talk about their affair outdoors?
This happens in the movie, but in the book, they only have a conversation in Betty’s house.
Are both Rev. Hale AND his wife both brought to Salem to search for witchcraft in the play AND the movie?
In the movie, Parris says that he brought them both to Salem. In the book, Hale’s wife is only mentioned when he speaks of his children.
Why does Ruth Putnam accuse George Jacobs of threatening her life? Does this happen in both the play AND the movie?
This only happens in the movie version. She’s asked to accuse George by her father, Thomas Putnam, because he wants to buy George Jacobs’ land.
In the movie, when John Proctor meets Hale, he’s asked if he has afflicted children. How does his answer give the audience a hint about the lies that Abigail and her friends will tell? John says that
His children are healthy just like everyone else in town. This tells us that John knows Abigail told him the truth about the witchcraft and that all the girls are faking.
In both the movie and the play, Abigail commits a sin and is the cause of the Witch Trials, which result in the deaths of many prominent and innocent people in Salem. What sin causes the major conflict?
Abigail’s major sins are Adultery and Bearing False Witness. It is the act of bearing false witness that causes the deaths of so many – her false accusations of witchcraft.
In the play, the purpose of gathering and dancing in the forest is what?
In the play, Ann Putnam tells Parris that she asked Ruth to go to the woods and dance with Tituba because Tituba could conjure the dead. Ruth is supposed to go find out who killed all of her baby siblings.
What is a crucible?
A crucible is a place or occasion of a severe test or trial.

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