The Crucible (Plot) Flashcard Example #85151

In Salem, Massachusetts several people are accused of witchcraft because of several young girls.
Rising Action
Act 1
-Several girls are discovered in the woods dancing/practicing witchcraft.
-Abigail, Betty, and Tituba end up confessing several names.
Act 2
-Rebecca, Martha, and Elizabeth are accused of witchcraft and are taken to jail.
-John decides to make Mary confess she was lying.
Act 3
-John, Francis, and Giles attempt to prove their wives’ innocence.
Act 3
-John confesses that he had an affair with Abigail.
Falling Action
Act 3
-Proctor is accused of witchcraft and is taken to jail.
Act 4
-John is brought in, so that he can confess and save himself, however John refuses to confess and he is hung for his crimes.
John saves his name and Elizabeth doesn’t have to pressure him.
External Conflicts
John vs. Abigail
Abigail attempts to kill Elizabeth, so that she can be with John. However, John refuses to be with Abigail.

Elizabeth vs. John
Elizabeth doesn’t trust John anymore after he has had an affair with John, which puts a strain on their relationship.

The Accused vs. The Accusers
Throughout The Crucible the people who are accused of witchcraft have to prove their innocence and deal with the people who accuse them.

Internal Conflicts
Mary vs. Herself
Mary ends up struggling with her conscience and whether or not she should confess.

John vs. Himself
John struggled with trying to keep up his good name/reputation.

Hale vs. Himself
Hale struggled spiritually and how he should handle the trials and the pain he unknowingly brought to Salem.

Mob Mentality
-Many of the people only accused others of witchcraft for vengeance or because others did it.

-Due to its broken government, Salem failed to protect its own citizens.

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