The Crucible Study Guide Answer Key Flashcard Example #41041

Describe the first scene of the play?
A group of ladies dancing and singing in the wood chanting boys names that they wanted over a fire until a man comes a long and scares them all away leaving a little girl restrained screaming for help.
Why does Abby drink chicken blood? What is her motivation?
John Proctor is married but she wants him, she drank it to kill John Proctor’s wife.
Why is Anne Putnam especially protective of and worried about her daughter Ruth? What is her motivation?
Her last daughter. Devil might have taken over her. She had eight but they all died and she had to bury them.
What does Abigail tell her Uncle Parris happened in the forest?
They danced, but they never conjured spirits.
What is the conflict between Abigail and Parris?
Parris knew Abigail wouldn’t tell the truth about what happened in the forest.
Why do you think Betty was in a comatose (coma-like) state? What does she do when she wakes up?
The witches made it that way so she’d stay quiet. She tries to jump out the window and run to her mom to confess.
Explain Abigail’s threats and the stories she tells to her parents.
She makes it known if the girls don’t say they were just dancing she will kill them.
Describe John Proctor. What are some of his beliefs? How is he viewed by others?
Handsome. Pessimistic, believes god doesn’t do people favors. Abby is a witch and will be dead before her thirties. In love with Abby.
Describe Reverend Parris. How is he viewed in the town? What does he value?
Discovered his niece with a number of her friends dancing in the forest. Viewed as having knowledge of conjurence by a fire with a frog in it. He values the children to testify against Abigail because witchcraft is invisible.
Describe Anne and Thomas Putnam. Provide examples of their characters. What do they value?
Thomas-Angry man.
Describe Rebecca Nurse. Explain how Hale knows of Rebecca Nurse.
She’s accused of witchcraft.
Why does Rebecca Nurse want to send Reverend Hale away? What does she fear his presence will cause?
She thinks the girls are faking witchcraft for attention. She fears the presence will cause madness.
What is the relationship between John Proctor and Abigail?
They love each other but he doesn’t want to be with her because she is evil.
What are Rev. Parris and Giles Corey arguing about (external conflict) as Rev. Hale and Proctor approach the church? What does that say about the village?
They’ve gone mad about witchcraft.
Hale says, “you can save yourself if you tell me who it was.” What is Abigail’s strategy in calling out Tituba?
Keep herself from getting her hand cut off and to keep the blame off her.
What is Tituba’s strategy in her performance? Who does she name?
She cries and screams she had to and begs for them to stop screaming she doesn’t desire to work for the devil but she saw him. She names Sarah Good.
Who gives Elizabeth Proctor a puppet and what does it foreshadow?
Mary Warren. It foreshadows all the children will hang and let it be known Elizabeth’s name was mentioned and Abigail wants her dead.
According to Elizabeth Proctor, how many people have been brought to jail and suffered hanging if they do not confess? How many people sign a petition for her and Rebecca Nurse?
Enough to get them hung.
Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor. What is their external conflict?
Troubled. Unhappy. John is unopen with her and Elizabeth looks for goodness in him.
What does Proctor wish Elizabeth would do? What is his motivation regarding their relationship?
To believe him, his motivation is thinking about her and the ways to keep her happy.
According to Elizabeth (“The magistrates sits in your heart that judges you. I never thought you but a good man John…”) , what is John Proctor’s internal conflict?
Whether or not he should tell the court Abigail confessed to him she wasn’t doing witchcraft. Whether he should protect Abigail or not. And he fears Elizabeth judges him.
Identify the accusations Giles Corey makes against his wife. Against Thomas Putnam.
Accuses Thomas of killing his neighbors for the land.
What saves Elizabeth Proctor’s life?
She’s pregnant.
Describe the scene of Mary Warren’s confession and the response of the girls.
She only thought she saw attacking spirits but she did not.All the girls look down. And Abigail goes ham and claims she feels the devil. All the girls start feeling a cold wind and claim to be ice cold.
Sin and Redemption is a major theme of the Crucible. Which characters best exemplify this theme and why?
Tituba-she leads the chants with the girls in the woods however she admits she’s seen the devil and confessed so she’ll be freed by Reverend Hale.

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