The Great Gatsby- Author Life Flashcard Example #21593

When was the Great Gatsby Published?
Who is the author of The Great Gatsby?
F. Scott Fitzgerald
When and where was the author born?
Sept. 24 1898 in Saint Paul MN
true/false: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s relative wrote the Star- Spangled Banner
where did the author attend school?
St. Paul Academy and a New Jersey Prep School
Where did the author go to College?
Princeton University
Did F. Scott Fitzgerald get into college right away?
no, failed all exams but talked his way in
what two types of literature did F. Scott Fitzgerald write about?
dramas and fiction
why did F. Scott Fitzgerald drop out of college?
to join the army
where was F. Scott Fitzgerald stationed when he met Zelda Sayre?
who does Zelda Sayre represent in The Great Gatsby?
why didn’t Zelda Sayre say yes to F. Scott Fitzgerald right away when he proposed?
he wasnt rich, she would marry him when he became rich
What book in 1920 brought him fame?
This Side of Paradise
After his first novel did Zelda marry him?
yes 🙂
what were some of his other story collections?
Flappers and Philosophers; Tales of the Jazz Age
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre were the famous couple of what age?
The Jazz Age
What was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s second novel?
The Beautiful and the Damned
how did F. Scott Fitzgerald keep up with his lifestyle?
wrote poorly received short stories
F. Scott Fitzgerald was noted for what?
extravagant partying and lifestyle
What was their daughters name?
What were the 1920s called?
the Roaring 20s
What were some rapid changes in 1920s?
manner and morals among younger generations
What was the name given to the result of disillusionment from WWI?
The Lost Generation
what was the music called that originated from New Orleans?
how was some of the behavior of women changed?
began smoking, sought right to vote an to work outside of home, cut hair into ‘bob’, wore short skirts of fashionable “flappers”
what occurred in 1919-1933?
Era of reckless spending conspicuous consumption- status symbol flashy what?
new automobiles
what was advertised along the highways?
in 1924, where did F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda move?
to Paris
what happened in the world and to Zelda in 1930?
Stock Market Crash; Zelda had a nervous breakdown
What book did F. Scott Fitzgerald write in 1934?
Tender is the Night
Where did Zelda spend time in and out of?
How did F. Scott Fitzgerald die?
heart attack in 1940
What book was he working on when he died?
The Last Tycoon
How did Zelda die?
There was a fire in the Mental Institute in 1948
What does Man of Doubleness or Twoness mean?
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character both love and hated money, was attracted to rich, yet felt falseness and hypocrisy of their lives
What did F. Scott Fitzgerald blame Zelda for?
destroying his talent
What characters are portrayed as the two sides of F. Scott Fitzgerald?
Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby
explain “I developed a two-cylinder inferiority complex!”
i dont know who i am and i spent my entire life figuring it out

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