The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Analysis Activities Flashcard Example #34794

The Weather: What is the weather like when they first met at Nick’s house? How could that be symbolic? What does water often symbolize? How the traditional symbolism of water apply to Gatsby? How does the water change? What might be changing weather symbol?
It was raining when they first met which symbolizes Daisy and Gatsby’s feeling which is sadness or loneliness, meaning their feeling with each other is not in good condition. Water often symbolizes source of life which is ironic because it is used to symbolize great disappointment or another conflict in this story. This applies to Gatsby because he thinks meeting with Daisy is a great mistake, from droplets of water, it changes to sunny day. Sun rising symbolizes happiness meaning Gatsby and Daisy are now content with each other.
Time References: Look for reference to hour, day, year, month, etc. including song lyrics. What are some of these references? Copy two or three examples in context. Why does Fitzgerald include so many details in this chapter in particular?
– “How about the day after tomorrow?”(82)
– “I called up Daisy from the office next morning(83)
– “Don’t be silly; It’s just two minutes to four”(85)
Since Gatsby and Daisy are going to meet, a lot of things might happen in that short perioud of time which might completely affect the story of the book.
Repetition of “too late”: … What is the significance of this line given Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship? Explain.
Gatsby and Daisy met on a party and fell in love with each other. However, Gatsby left to go to the war while Daisy stayed waiting, until it reached to the point where Daisy got tired of waiting and got married to Tom. Now that Gatsby is back, he wants to bring back the time when they loved each other but its too late. Gatsby is very persistent but its too late, their relationship back then can never happen again.
“Defunction clock” symbol: … What does defunct mean? Why is this word choice significant? What else is significant about this passage?
Defunct means broken or not working. The defunction clock symbolizes Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship, which makes the word defunct significant because it describes their relation as broken. Also, during the party, Gatsby drop the clock which totally break the clock, which is significant because same as their relation ship, Gatsby broke their relationship because he is the one who left.
Gatsby’s shirts: … What is going on here? Why does Daisy act that way over shirts. What is significant about a spiritual or very emotional reaction over shirts?
Gatsby has a lot of clothes. He starts throwing them to Daisy and she starts crying. She is crying because these imported clothes made her realize that Gatsby is way more successful in life than Tom. She then starts regretting marrying Tom. This is significant because it shows that Daisy is materialistic but even so, she can’t be with Gatsby because she is still married to Tom.

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