The Great Gatsby Character List Flashcard Example #16171

Nick Carraway
From the Midwest
Yale graduate
World War I Veteran
Lives in West Egg
Gatsby’s Neighbor.
Daisy Buchanan
Attractive but Shallow Young Woman
Nick’s Cousin
Wife of Tom Buchanan.
Jordan Baker
Daisy’s Friend
Professional Golfer
Slightly Shady Reputation
Sigourney Howard
Jordan Baker’s Aunt
George Wilson
Owns a Car Repair Shop
Chester and Lucille McGee
Myrtle Wilson’s Friends
Dan Cody
Gatsby’s Mentor in the Past
Gatsby’s Father
Henry C. Gatz
Jay Gatsby
Young Millionaire
From North Dakota
Has Shady Business Connections
Obsessed with Daisy Fay Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Lives in East Egg
Daisy’s Husband
Went to Yale
White Supremacist
Myrtle Wilson
George Wilson’s Unstable Wife
Tom Buchanan’s Mistress
Myrtle’s Sister
Meyer Wolfsheim
Gatsby says that Wolfsheim Fixed the World Series
Ella Kaye
Messed Up Dan Cody’s Inheritance

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