The Kite Runner 15-20 Flashcard Example #22269

Where does Amir meet Rahim Khan?
Who was the taxi driver?
How did the Taliban affect Rahim Khan?
They beat him with butt of a Kalashikov riffle
What does Amir find out about Rahim Khan?
He is dying
Why does Rahim Khan go to Hazarajat?
He is lonely and is getting old and cannot care for himself.
Who does Rahim Khan find when he goes to Hazarajat?
What do we learn about Hassan?
He is married and has a son
Why did Hassan and his wife name their Sohrab?
Because he is a character in Hassan’s favorite story
Who shows up at the end of chapter 16?
What does Rahim Khan give Amir?
A Polaroid photo of Hassan and his son and a letter.
How has Kabul changed?
The Taliban has taken over
What does Amir learn about Hassan and his wife?
He and his wife, Farzana, were executed by the Taliban.
What does Rahim Khan ask Amir to do?
To go find Sohrab and take him to an orphanage in Kabul
Why does Amir get upset with Rahim Khan?
Amir finds out that he and Hassan are half brothers
What does Amir remember Rahim Khan say?
There is a way to be good again
Who drives Amir to Kabul?
Where do Farid and Amir stay after they get to Jalalabad?
At Wahid’s, Farid’s brother, home
What happened to Baba’s orphanage?
A rocket destroyed it.
Hassan’s wife and child are named…
Farzana and Sohrab
When Sanaubar shows up to the house, how does Hassan react?
He flees but then forgives her.
What is the name of the American couple who Rahim Khan claims will take in Sohrab?
Thomas and Betty Caldwell
Rahim Khan reveals what secret to Amir?
Baba was Hassan’s father
With Rahim’s revelation, Amir realizes what?
He and Baba both betrayed ones they loved.
Amir believes going to find Sohrab is…
the road to redemtion
Why does the driver, Farid, show Amir disdain?
Amir was in America, while Farid fought the Russians.
What does Amir notice about the “new” Afghanistan?
There is rampant poverty.
What gift did Amir give to Wahid’s sons?
A watch
Amir dreams that he was Hassan’s murderer. Why?
He is haunted by and feels responsible for Hassan’s death.
Why were many of the trees gone from the streets of Kabul?
Russians cut them down because they could hide snipers.
Why is Sohrab not at the orphanage?
He was sold to a Talib.
What does Amir say about cliches? Why does Amir use the cliche “an elephant in the room”?
Cliches are usually dead on. The elephant in the room is Rahim Khan’s condition His illness that nobody is talking about. He is dying and doesn’t have much time left. Also, what Amir did and how he can help Hassan.
Who seized Afghanistan?
The Taliban
What happened to Hassan, Where is he living?
Hassan went to live in a village just outside Bamiyan where Rahim Khan finds Hassan, who tells him that Ali was killed by a landmine. Rahim Khan asks Hassan and his wife, Farzana, to live with him. Hassan at first refuses, but agrees after learning of Baba’s death. Their first baby was a stillborn girl. Hassan’s mother, Sanaubar, returns to the home, starving and ill. Hassan and his wife nurse his mother back to health. She in turn delivers Farzana’s son, Sohrab. Sanaubar dies when Sohrab is four.
What does Rhamin Khan reveal about Hassan and his son?
He reveals, however, that Hassan and his wife were murdered by the Taliban a month after the letter was written. Their son, Sohrab, is now living in an orphanage in Kabul.
What happened in 1998 by the Taliban in Mazar-i-Sharif ?
The Taliban massacred many Hazaras.
In Chapter 17, Rahim gives Amir a letter from Hassan, who wrote it six months before. What is the tone of this letter? How does Amir react?
Hassan wrote the letter with excitement and pride. Hassan says he would like to see Amir again. Amir reacts surprised.
In Chapter 18,Amir finds out that both Hassan and his wife were shot by the Taliban while trying to protect Baba’s house, as a result, orphaning their son. Rahim tells Amir it is his job to find Sohrab in Karteh-Seh, Afghanistan, and take him to an orphanage in Peshawar, Pakistan. What is Amir’s reaction? Do you think Rahim’s dying wish is unfair? Why or why not?
Amir’s reaction is of shock and anger. He doesn’t understand why no one told him this before. Rahim’s wish is not unfair -this is how Amir will remove the guilt and pay back Hassan for what Amir never did in the alleyway years ago. Rahim Khan is the only one Amir has left from his childhood.
How does the cliche, “like father, like son” mentioned on page 238,relate to Baba and Amir?
Baba and Amir were more alike than he’d ever known. “We had both
betrayed the people who would have given their lives for us. And with that came this realization: that Rahim Khan has summoned me here to atone not just for my sins but for Baba’s too.”
What clues hint at the secret that is revealed in Chapter 17-18?
Baba had always been so close to Hassan and it makes sense now why he loves Hassan so much.(forgiveness of “theft”, cleft lip, threatened Amir over the “new servants” comment, bought the same gifts for Hassan and Amir (kite) -treated them equally, wishes Hassan was here(in America)
In Chapter 19, Farid is engaged to drive Amir from Peshawar to Afghanistan. Describe his first impression of Amir. When Farid said, “You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it”, (page 245), what did he mean? What isFarid’s impression of emigrant Afghans who return to visit Afghanistan?
Many are shocked at the changes in Afghanistan. They are like tourists in the country, considering the many horrible changes that have taken place. Farid believes that Amir has always been a tourist. Amir has only known a better Afghanistan. Afghanis only come back to sell their land and leave again.
Why has Amir always been a tourist?
He lived a wealthy and privileged life, compared to others who suffered.
What realization does Amir come to in Chapter 19?
Amir realizes his life has been a lie all along. Baba favored Hassan in the past -Amir realizes this as a sign that Hassan is his half-brother. He also realizes he must leave to help Sohrab right away before he talks himself out of going. This was his last chance at redemption.
In Chapter 20, Amir sees Kabul for the first time since leaving. Describe what he sees.
The Taliban patrol the streets looking for people to punish. Amir is advised to avoid even looking at them. Amir feels pain and sadness at what he sees. He sees burned villages, beggers, every street corner was covered in rags, dry rivers, no trees.
n Chapter 20, the director of the orphanage, Zaman, tells Amir that Sohrab was taken by a Taliban official who takes children, usually girls, about once a month for his “sexual pleasure.” The official gave Zaman a great deal of cash. How does Zaman defend his actions?
Zeman says if he denies one child, the Taliban take ten. So he swallows his pride and gives one away.

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