The Kite Runner: Ch 3-4 Flashcard Example #74260

What is Baba’s nickname?
Mr. Hurricane
What is the one true sin according to Baba?
Explain the conflict between soccer vs. poetry – how does it get played out?
The conflict between soccer and poetry is that Baba thinks that its more manly versus poetry because Baba thinks its too feminine for Amir because his wife wrote poetry.
Explain Rahim Khan’s metaphor: “Children aren’t coloring books….”
Rahim Khan’s metaphor means that you can’t choose the way your children are and can’t force your children the way you want them to be.
Explain the reference to a mean streak. Why might this be important?
The reference of a mean streak is that Rahim Khan said that Amir doesn’t but Amir believes he does. It is important because it foreshadows he’s going to do something mean.
How did Ali come to live with Baba?
Baba’s father was a well-known judge and a good man so when Pashtuns killed Ali’s parents leaving Ali an orphan, Baba’s father felt so bad so he took him in.
What is the nature of Ali and Baba’s relationship?
The nature of Ali and Baba’s relationship is that they grew up together and were close but never considered each other a friend.
What was the weekly treat of the boys?
They bought treats and also went to the movies.
Identify Baba’s car, the same one driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt
Name Hassan’s favorite story read to him by Amir. What is the idea of that story?
Hassan’s favorite story was Rastam and Sohrab.

The story was about a tale of a great warrior Rostam and his fleet-footed horse, Rakhsh. Rostoam mortally wounds his valiant nemesis, Sohrab, in battle, only to discover that Sohrab is his long-lost son.

How did Amir come to find out that he could be a writer?
Amir came to find out he could be a write when he was reading a made up story to Hassan and he thought it was good. Also when Rahim-Khan told him he had a gift ad enjoyed his short story.

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