The Kite Runner – Chapter 4-6 Flashcard Example #37078

A contrast between expectation and reality
becoming young in nature or appearance
a person who suffers from an antisocial mental disorder
trucks or large vehicles for transporting goods by road
(Islam) a fast (held from sunrise to sunset) that is carried out during the Islamic month of Ramadan
A Muslim festival coming at the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.
showing no emotion
a ghost or phantom
What kind of relationship did Baba and Ali have? (2 specific examples)
mutual trusting relationship; Baba respects Ali; Ali thinks of Baba as a friend
How is Baba and Ali’s relationship similar to Amir and Hassan’s relationship?
they both grew up as childhood playmates; both caused a lot of mischief or trouble as boys; the troublemaker is Baba – similar to how Amir is the troublemaker; they never refer to each other as friends;
Why is the story of “Rostam and Sohrab” Hassan’s favorite? (page 29)
Because its about a great warrior named Rostam who mortally wounds his enemy – Sohrab – only to find out that Sohrab is his long-lost son
How does Hassan support Amir?
Hassan makes Amir his breakfast, cleaned his room, and did all his other household chores
What role does Rahim Khan play in Amir’s life? (2 examples)
Rahim Khan helps Amir feel good about his ability to write stories. Rahim gave Amir a piece of paper with the word “Bravo” on it. He also wrote that Amir was able to achieve irony in his story – something that most writers never manage to master.
Hassan is Amir’s biggest fan and worse enemy at the same time. Explain from examples
Hassan tells Amir that one day he would be world famous for his writing. However, he points out a flaw in Amir’s story, which leaves Amir speechless.
bloodless coup
the violent overthrow of a government by a small group that involves no bloodshed
What event marks the end of the character’s way of life in the future?
The communist coup of 1978, followed by the Russian occupation
How does Baba act when he returns home after the coup?
For the first time, Amir sees fear on his father’s face
How does he treat Hassan and Amir?
He hugs them both in relief that they are okay
Who is Assef?
He is a young sociopath or someone who is antisocial
How would we describe Assef (based on description on page 38)?
He is a hooligan who terrorizes the streets with his brass knuckles and two friends. He has insane looking eyes, especially when he was hitting another kid.
What are some of Assef’s beliefs about the future of Afghanistan?
He believes that all Hazaras should be removed from Afghanistan. He believes that Afghanistan is for Pashtuns.
How are these beliefs ironic?
He is not even a full Pashtun – since his mom is German.
How does Hassan save the day?
He points a slingshot at Assef’s eye and makes him leave them alone.
What does Hassan receive for his birthday?
Baba had hired a plastic surgeon to correct Hassan’s harelip.
a confused struggle; a violent free-for-all; a tumultuous fight
a place of protection
kite fighting
a competitive sport where kids try to cut down each other’s kites using glass glued to string; the last kite that falls is the one that the players need to locate; the person who finds the last kite is considered the winner
How is kite fighting significant to Amir and Hassan? Baba and Amir? Baba and Hassan?
It’s a way of bonding, spending time together building the kites; It’s also a competitive sport – its a way for Hassan to show off his skills as an expert kite runner
What is the metaphor on page 50? What is Amir fighting for?
that kite fighting is like going into a battle or a war
What traits does Hassan have that make him a better kite runner than Amir?
He has instinct – he knows exaclty where to run to in order to be the one who catches the last kite as it descends
What does Amir see in Hassan’s face? (page 54)
He sees a shift in his face – he sees a different side of Hassan
Why does it scare him?
because he thinks that he has seen that face before; betrayed.
What does Amir admit to himself that foreshadows events to come?
What does the folowing foreshadow: “In the winter of 1975, I saw Hassan run a kite for the last time”
That their friendship will die; things between them will never be the same again.

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