The Kite Runner, Chapters 17-20 (pp. 214-258) Flashcard Example #40799

What does Hassan share in his letter to Amir, and what does he ask about?
Hassan is hopeful and scared. He still seeks Amir’s approval and wants to know how he is going in America. While he is proud of his own family, he misses Amir.
What devastating news does Rahim Khan share with Amir?
Hassan and his wife were shot and killed when they tried to protect Baba’s house.
What memory does the news evoke? What does Amir realize about the memory?
Amir remembers Hassan’s surgery. Everyone around Hassan in the hospital is either dead or dying, except Amir.
When Rahim Khan tells Amir to find Sohrab, but Amir does not want to go. Rahim says, “I think we both know why it has to be you, don’t we?” What does he mean by this?
Rahim knows the truth about Amir’s deception as a child. Amir owes it to Hassan to make sure his son is safe. Baba always wanted Amir to stand up for himself; now is the time to grant a dying man his wish, even if it means doing something he does not want to do.
What secret is revealed at the end of Chapter 17?
Ali was sterile; Baba was Hassan’s father. This brings new understanding to Baba’s treatment of Hassan.
What evidence does the author provide to support the secret as truth?
Baba always had a soft spot for Hassan. Baba always seemed to want Hassan to join them, and he was so quick to forgive Hassan when he “stole” from Amir. He assumed responsibility in arranging Hassan’s surgery, so he could live a better life.
What is the meaning of the following quotes at the end of Chapter 18?: “Like father, like son.” “There is a way to be good again.”
The first shows that Baba lied and led a deceitful life by keeping his secret from Amir, Hassan, and Ali. Amir also led a deceitful life by never standing up for Hassan. The second shows that Amir can redeem his betrayal of Hassan by helping Sohrab.
Why does Farid say Amir is not a “real” Afghan but was a tourist instead?
Amir was fortunate to grow up in a nice house with servants. Other Afghan children were not so lucky.
Amir realizes the boys were not looking at his wristwatch in admiration. What are they looking at? Why?
They are looking at Amir’s food. The boys are starving but have to portion out food for their visitor.
What is Kabul like when Amir returns?
It is littered with rubble and beggars, mainly young children. Many fathers (men) had been killed in war
What does “How seamless seemed love and then came trouble!” mean? How does it relate to the situation in the book?
It means that love is great at first; everything seems perfect, but then reality hits. When the people of Kabul saw the Talib, they thought they were safe and free from killing and the destruction of war. They soon realized that was not true.
What is ironic about Amir’s mother’s comments to Dr. Rasul?
She felt as though something bad would happen or something would be taken from her because she was so happy. It relates to the phrase, “It’s too good to be true.” She was happily married and having a baby, but then she died giving birth.
Even though the orphanage is considered better than the streets, what conditions did the orphans face?
There were not enough beds, mattresses, or blankets. There is very little shelter, no clothes, no clean water, and less than a month’s supply of rice left.
What causes Farid to get upset with Zaman? What is Zaman’s excuse?
He admits to selling children. He believes he had no choice. If he denied the Taliban one child, they would take ten. Zaman thinks this is the only way to get money to care for the orphans.
What has become of Sohrab?
A month ago, Sohrab was taken by a Taliban official. The only way to get him back is to go to Ghazi Stadium the next day.

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