The Kite Runner: Chapters 8-9 Flashcard Example #90761

How does Hassan act in the weeks following the kite fighting tournament?
He acts a part from everyone else
Describe Amir’s relationship with his father after winning the tournament?
He is accepted by his father
What did Amir say as he lays awake in the room of sleeping relatives in Jalalabad?
“I watched Hassan get raped.”
How does Hassan try to rekindle his relationship with Amir?
He tries to ask Amir if he is okay.
Amir and his father are enjoying their new relationship until Amir asks him a question that angers him. What is the question?
“Have you ever thought about getting new servants?”
What occurs between Amir and Hassan at the top of the hill in the cemetery?
Hassan hits himself in the head with a pomegranate.

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