The Kite Runner Final Test Flashcard Example #19627

In the begging of the book why does Amir recall the moment that he became what he is today? What do you think happened?
He peeks into an alley and is haunted by a scene he saw it was a terrifying moment when he did not help a friend { which was hassan getting rapped}
Three characteristics that describe Hassan and how Amir refers to him
He is a hare lipped kite runner and childhood friend of amir, Hazara servant, and a deadly slingshot
Who says “for you a thousand times over” and how does Amir refer to this person?
Hassan and he is often described as having a face like a chinaease doll
Why is Amir a disappointment to his Father?
Because he has no athletic ability, doesn’t like sports, prefers to read, and never stands up for himself
What does Amir carve into the pomegranate tree and what does it symbolize?
Amir carves Amir and Hassan sultans of Kabul and this symbolizes there thriving friendship
Who are Assef, Wali, and Kamal?
Assef is the local bully and Wali and Kamal are his loyal friends
How does Assef treat Amir and Hassan?
He constantly bullies them and on occasion threatens to throw rocks at them
How did Baba react when Amir won the Kite Flying tournament?
Baba smiles, hugs, and praises Amir
What is Baba’s birthday gift to Hassan and how does Hassan react?
Baba gives Hassan the surgery to fix his clef lip and Hassan reacts by being very grateful to Baba
How does Amir react to the birthday gift Baba gave to Hassan and why does he feel this way?
Amir wishes that he had a scar to get Baba’s attention and feels negated
What happens when Hassan runs to go and find the blue kite, how does amir react and why, and what would happen if the roles were reversed?
Assef beats up and rapes Hassan, Amir then pretends not see it, Hassan would have helped Amir because he is a loyal friend
Describe Amir and Hassan’s integration after the incident
Hassan says nothing and gives Amir the kite, Amir pretends that he doesn’t know happened but in the inside feels very guilty
Describe Amir and Hassan’s behavior in the weeks following the attacks
Amir feels very lonely , snaps at Ali, and just wants to get away from home, Hassan does his chores and then goes to sleep feeling very sad
What type of transportation takes Baba and Amir on the first stage of their escape from Kabul? What is their final destination?
They escape from Kabul in a old Russian truck and there final destination is Peshawar , Pakistan
How do Baba, Amir, and the other refuees get to Peshawar, Pakistan? What happens to Kamal and his father on this phase of the journey?
They get to Pakistan by going in a Gas truck that was empty but still had the residue and smell of gas, Kamal dies from breathing in the fumes and his father kills himself
Who is Soraya?
Amir’s wife that he married in America
Why didn’t Soraya’s family want Amir to marry her?
Because he didn’t ask the family for her hand in marriage before
Who is Sohrab?
Hassans son
How does Sorya prepare for shorab coming to live with them and how does Shoran react ?
She prepares a room for him and he doesn’t have anything to say because being traded like that is all new for him
What does Soraya do in Baba’s last months and how does Amir react?
Soraya becomes Baba’s nurse and helps him with everything and Amir cries because of how compassionate she was with him when Baba wasn’t very kind to her
What does Amir call Sorya?
Swap Meat Princess
Why does Amir not care about Sorya’s past?
Because he really loves her and he was becoming a more modern and understanding person
What are Baba’s last fatherly duties?
Asking Sorya’s parents if Amir can marry there daughter
What does Amir plan to study in College and how does Baba react?
He wants to study English and Creative art, but Baba wants him to choose a career that makes a lot of money
How old was Amir when he graduated High School?
Why did Amir not become good friends with Hassan again ?
Because when the war started Amir moved to America and Hassan stayed in a small village in Afghanistan
How does Amir initially try to solve the problem with Hassan?
He asks Baba if he ever though about getting new servants, Baba get very angry and threatens to whip Amir if he ever says that again and says Hassan is going nowhere
How did Baba and Ali meet?
When they were little Ali’s parents died in a car accident and Baba took Ali in and raised him as a son and Ali and Baba became friends
What is Baba’s gift to Amir?
A car
What does Baba think is the only sin and hoe does he rationalize it?
Theft because he says whenever you do something wrong it’s taking away something from someone else
Why did they move to San Fransisco?
Because there was huge Afghanistan population and with that they were able to get support from other people
What did Baba and Amir do for for when they came to America and where they used to it?
They worked at a Gas Station and sold thing at a flea market no they were no used to this because back in Afghanistan they were very rich people
Why is winter Amir favorite season?
Winter because it is Kite Flying season
What does Amir feel is the hardest thing to deal with?
Not sticking up for Hassan when Assef raped him

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