The Kite Runner Flashcard Example #65225

How does the theme of redemption play a role in the book?
Redemption of Baba, Rahim Khan, and Amir is key to the story and drives Amir back to Afghanistan to save Sohrab. Baba and Rahim Khan covered up the fact Hassan was Baba’s son and Amir abandoned Hassan in a time of need then pushed him away.
How does the theme of love between families play a role?
Love between Baba and Amir and Baba and Hassan and the conflicts that go along with that love and how it affects the novel.
Who is Amir?
The main character, followed by the guilt of what he saw happen to Hassan throughout his life even after moving
Who is Rahim Khan?
Baba’s best friend and often Amir’s go to person for help, advice, or support. Keeps Amir focused on writing and sends him back to Afghanistan
Who is Hassan?
Son of Baba but raised by Ali as a servant. He is a Hazara meaning he is in a lower class. Raped by Assef and killed by Taliban. Was always loyal to Amir.
Who is Baba?
Father of Hassan and Amir. A very wealthy and charitable man who commands respect but also is very distant to Amir due to his own guilt. Has very strong values and was willing to die to uphold them.
Who is Ali?
Servant/friend to Baba and raises Hassan as his own to protect Baba.
Who is Assef?
Wealthy kid born of German-Afghani decent. He is strong and smart but also extremely cruel. These qualities lead him to join Taliban and to rape Hassan and others.
Who is Soraya?
Amir’s wife, She also has a guilty past but is open about it early in marriage. She had married before as a show of rebellion but her father put an end to it.
Who is Sohrab?
Hassan’s son who is also a victim of Assef. Leaves Afghanistan to move with Amir. Tries to kill himself in order to avoid going back to an orphanage.
What is the symbolism of The Kite?
The Kite represents Amir’s childhood but also his guilt because the night of the competition was also the night Hassan was raped and it becomes a reminder of that.
What is the symbol of Hassan’s Cleft Lip?
Symbolizes his poverty and how Ali doesn’t have the money to fix it. But also is a sign of Amir’s redemption after he receives one from Assef in the fight.
What is the symbolism of The Lamb?
Represents innocence but more specifically the scarifice of innocence. Both Hassan and Sohrab are represented and compared to the lamb as they both had their innocence taken away by Assef for different reasons.
Amir’s mother?
Died after giving birth. Amir finds out later that she was a teacher and a scholar.
The affect of loyalty in the novel?
Hassan is aways there for Amir and stands up for him in his time of need. However, this loyalty divides the two because of Amir’s inability to reciprocate that loyalty.
Location has an affect on the novel because they have different values than in western society and reputation is more important.
The reason that Amir and Baba are forced to leave Afghanistan.
Allows Amir to leave some of his past behind him while he focuses on his life in the new country. He is also able to pursue his career as a writer.
Take control of Afghanistan after the Russians and are the reason that Hassan is killed along with his wife and forced Sohrab into an orphanage.
The Title?
Hassan was an incredible kite runner as a child and Amir is a kite runner for Sohrab after he returns to America. This is a sign of Amir’s redemption as he no longer feels the incredible guilt that used to feel and is trying to be like Hassan in doing this.

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