The Kite Runner (notes) Flashcard Example #51865

Who is Amir?
The narrator of the novel, and the son of Baba. Is a privileged boy from a wealthy family, but is still a bit jealous of Hassan since he feels Baba favors him. Is the reason his mother died due to hemmorage when giving birth to him. Born a year before Hassan.
Who is Hassan?
The best friend of Amir. Has a cleft lip and is a Hazara. The son of Ali, and it actually from a poor family. He was born in the Winter of 1964. Is also the “Kite Runner”
Who is Baba?
A wealthy man and the father of Amir. Owns a mansion and doesn’t have much of a close relation with Amir.
Who is Ali?
The father of Hassan. Actually quite gentle, but is made fun of a lot due to his appearance. Has a congenital paralysis on his lower facial muscles, and polio making him walk weird. Younger kids are scared of him, while older kids mock him. Calls him “Babalu” or “boogeyman”.
Who is Sanaubar?
The wife of Ali (also his first cousin) and the mother of Hassan. She is known to have affairs with other men. Is 19 years younger than Ali and even makes fun of his appearance as well. Didn’t like Hassan either.
Who are examples of Shi’a Muslims?
{HAZARAS} Hassan, Sanaubar (his mom), Ali (his dad)
Who are examples of Sunni Muslims?
{PASHTUNS} Amir, Baba (his dad)
Where does Amir and Baba live?
Amir and Baba live in a mansion at the Wazir Akbar Khan District.
Where does Hassan and Ali live?
They live in the servant house behind Baba’s mansion, in a little mud hut where Hassan was born.
What happened to Amir’s mom?
Amir’s mom had a hemorrhage and died giving birth to Amir.
What happened to Hassan’s mom?
Sanaubar left a week after the birth of Amir and ran off to a clan of traveling singers and dancers.
What happens when Amir and Hassan take a shortcut through the Military Barracks to go to the movies?
Baba told them to never go there, but they took it anyway since he was gone. And while doing so, a soldier recognized Hassan and told him that he had sex with his mother just behind the creek.
What does Amir find in Baba’s studies?
One of his mother’s history books where it had a chapter all about the Hazarras.
What was one of the main reasons for the conflicts between the Hazarras and the Pashtuns?
The Pashtuns were Sunni Muslims while the Hazarras were Sha’i Muslims. The Pashtuns persecuted and oppressed them.
What were Hazaras known as?
Mice-eating, flat-nosed, load-carrying donkeys.
What was Amir’s first word?
Baba; Shows this favor of wanting to be in a better relation with his father.
What was Hassan’s first word?
Amir; Shows this close brotherhood and bond with Hassan and Amir.

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