The Kite Runner Quizzes Flashcard Example #75625

the journal from Rahim Khan
What was the only birthday gift that Amir didn’t toss on the pile in his bedroom?
because he was the last kite standing and brought back the last kite Hassan ran
According to Amir, why was Babba throwing a 13th birthday party for Amir?
Amir’s new watch and a few envelopes of money
What two things did Amir put under Hassan’s mattress after his birthday party?
he said he did it
What did Hassan answer when Baba asked him if he stole the money that was found in Hassan’s room?
To what country do Amir and Baba flee in March 1981 when Afghanistan becomes unsafe in which to live?
Russian soldier and a hazara
Who are the parties in a third possible, but not committed, rape when a group of people are fleeing Kabul in a truck?
drug addiction (heroine)
Why does the Russian officer say that the Russian soldier was going to commit this rape?
To what state in the United States do Amir and Baba move in the 1980s?
he gets angry and throws a tantrum
What does Baba do when the Vietnamese grocery owner asks him for ID?
if he wants to go live with him and Soraya in America
What important question does Amir ask Sohrab toward the end of The Kite Runner?
he is scared Amir will get tired of him and not want him anymore
Initially what is Sohrab’s reservation about answering the above question affirmatively?
he says he’ll go with him
Eventually how does Sohrab answer the above question?
he tells her about his past with Hassan and about Sohrab
What does Amir tell his wife during his first phone call to her from Islamabad?
the American Embassy
To which official agency does Amir go for help in Islamabad?
he advises Amir to go to a lawyer for help with his case
To whom does the official at this agency advise Amir go to for help?
he trys to commit suicide
What does Sohrab try to do to himself that night when Amir tells him that their best option to get a visa is for Sohrab to go to an orphanage for a while?
he used it as a prayer rug
What does Amir do with the white bedsheet at the hospital?
his old life
At the hospital what does Sohrab tell Amir he wants back?
a year
After Sohrab tells Amir he wants his old life back, how long is it before Sohrab speaks again?

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