The Kite runner quote showers and page numbers Flashcard Example #21325

Hassan v amir’s house and their daily routines
(pages 4-6)
1.’Baba’s mansion’;
2 ‘mud shack’;
3 ‘gold stitched tapestries’;
4 ‘a single tapestry’;
5 ‘crystal chandelier’;
6 ‘dimly lit by a pair of kerosene lamps’;
7 ‘intricate mosaic tiles’;
8 ‘woods stood bare’
(pages 25-26)
1 ‘dragged myself out of bed’;
2’Hassan had already washed up, prayed the morning namaz with Ali, and prepared my breakfast’;
3 ‘complained’;
4 ‘singing’ (as he ironed)
the massacre at Mazar-i-sharif
(pages 254-255)
1 ‘dogmeat for the dogs’;
2 ‘in front of their families’;
3 ‘roomful of targets’;
4 ‘free of guilt and remorse’;
5 ‘liberating’;
6 ‘doing God’s work’;
7’let them remember…where they belonged’;
8 ‘he was almost panting now”
9 ‘he said it fondly’;
10 ‘I had read about the massacre at Mazar-i-Shariff in the papers’
the football stadium
(page 247-50)
1 ‘I remember how green the playing field grass had been in the 70s’;
2 ‘whip toting Talibs’;
3 ‘striking anyone who cheered too loudly’;
4 ‘she buckled to the ground’;
5 ‘she screamed and kicked’;
6 ‘like a wild animal’;
7 ‘trying to pry its mangled leg free from the bear trap’;
8 ‘quietly allowed to lower him into the hole dug for him’;
9 ‘God help us all if Afghanistan falls into their hands’;
10 ‘the spectators’ ‘OH! rhymed with each flinging of a stone’;
11 ‘mangled mess of blood and shredded rags’
the orphanages (2)
(Baba’s orphanage pages 13-14)
1. Baba paid for the construction of the two story orphanage
2.Baba personally funded the entire project
3.I wanted Baba all to myself
4.Everyone would see that he was my father, my Baba
5.I was so proud of Baba, of us.

(Taliban Orphanage, pages 233-237)
1.Skeleton frames of steel beds, most with no mattress
2.I notice he made no mention of lunch
3.There is very little shelter here, almost no food, no clothes, no clean water
4.Farid was strangling him
5.If I deny one child, he takes ten

kites (several episodes)
(Kites, pages 1-2)
1. I glanced up and saw a pair of kites, red with long blue tails, soaring in the sky
2.Hassan the hare lipped kite runner

(Kites in Afghanistan Society, page 46-49)
1. If you were a boy living in Kabul, the day of the tournament was undeniably the highlight of the cold season
2.In Kabul, fighting kites was a little like going to war
3.If the kite was the gun, then the tar, the glass coated cutting line, was the bullet in the chamber
4.Hassan and I were better kite fighters than kite makers
5.An old winter tradition
6.Every kite runner had an assistant- in my case Hassan
7.When the last kite was cut, all hell broke loose

(Hassan and Sohrab page 197)
1.No one felt safe outside for too long
2.Trotting through the streets, running kites, climbing trees where kites had dropped
3.A few weeks later, the Taliban banned kite fighting

(Amir and Sohrab, pages 336-340)
1.I tested the string the way Hassan and I used to
2.Did I ever tell you your father was the best kite runner in Wazir Akbar Khan? Maybe all of Kabul?
3.Suddenly I was twelve again and all the old instincts came rushing back
4.I wondered when I had forgotten that, despite everything, he was still a child
5.The last time I had felt a rush like this was that day in the winter of 1975
6.One corner of his mouth had curled up just so
7.A smile
8.For you, a thousand times over

the rape scene
(pages 67-72)
1.They’d cornered like some kind of wild animal that only Assef could tame
2.I felt paralyzed
3.The boy whose hare lipped face had been my first memory
4.A loyal Hazara, Loyal as a dog
5.I just watched
6.Trapping Hassan in the alley
7.I bit my fist. Shut my eyes
8.It’s just a Hazara
9.It was the look of the lamb
10.Assef’s quick rhythmic grunts
11.One final opportunity to decide who I was going to be
12.I ran because I was a coward

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