The Kite Runner study guide answers Flashcard Example #42603

Who is Amir?
Baba’s son
Who is Baba?
Father of Amir
Who is Hassan?
Who is Ali?
Hassan’s father
Who is Rahim Khan?
Baba’s best friend and business partner
Who is Assef?
Who is Sofia?
Who is Sanaubar?
Hassan’s mother
Who is Sohrab?
Who is Farzana?
Who is Soraya?
Who is General Taheri and Jamila Taheri?
Where did Amir live during his childhood?
Wazir Akbar Khan district ; which was in Kabul
Describe Baba’s house in the 1970’s
Had rose bushes, marble floors, wide windows, intricate mosaic tiles, gold stitched tapestries and a crystal chandelier
How are Hazaras treated in Kabul?
They were treated very poorly. Pashtuns persecuted and oppressed the Hazaras.
How did Baba make his money?
Baba runs his own business, which is an orphanage.
How did Ali come to live with Amir’s family?
His parents were killed when they were hit by a car, Amir’s grandfather heard of this and adopted Ali into his household.
What was one trick that Amir played on Hassan in Chapter 4?
He lied to Hassan by telling him that ‘imbecile’ meant smart and intelligent.
What was the second trick that Amir played on Hassan on chapter 4?
Amir would read to Hassan and then wander off from the actual story and make it his own.
How is the relationship like between Amir and Baba?
Baba and Amir aren’t as close as they could be beacuse Baba wants Amir to be more like him.
What details tell you that there is some disconnection between Baba and Amir?
On Page 21 it stated that Baba wants amir to be interested in sports rather than books and on page 19 it stated that Amir feelks like Baba hates him because his amir’ mother died while giving birth to him.
How is the relationship like between Amir and Hassan?
Hassan and Amir grew up together. Hassan thinks of Amir as a friend but Amir doesn’t feel the same because Hassan is a Hazara.
How is the relationship like between Amir and Rahim Khan?
Rahim Khan and Amir are good friends.
What role does Rahim fill for Amir?
a fatherly figure
How did Hassan make Assef and his friends leave Amir and him alone?
Hassan aimed his slingshot at Assef.
What did Baba get Hassan for his birthday?
Lip surgery for his cleft-lip
Why is winter Amir’s favorite season?
School is shut down and he can fly kites
What is “tar” ?
a glass coated cutting line on a kite
What is a kite runner?
Someone who retrieves the losing kite of a kite battle
Why is it so important for Amir to win the kite tournament?
because he feels that if he wins, Baba will finally be proud of him
Where does Amir find Hassan and what is the conflict?
Amir found Hassan walking. The conflict is that Hassan doesn’t know that Amir saw the assault and didn’t help.
How does Amir and Hassan’s relationship change after the kite tournament?
They stopped spending time together
What does Amir ask his father while they are planting tulips?
if he ever thought about getting new servants
What does Assef give Amir for his birthday?
A biography of Hitler
What birthday present does Ali give to Amir?
a brand new shahnamah
What does Amir accuse Hassan of Stealing?
His money and watch
Why does Amir turn against Hassan?
Because he wants Hassan and Ali to move away
What does Amir realize when Ali and Hassan come to Baba’s study?
He realized that taking the blame for “stealing” was Hassan’s final sacrifice for him and that he knew that Amir saw everything that Asseff did to him.
How does Baba react to Ali and Hassan’s decision to leave?
He got really upset and started crying
Which country invaded Afghanistan in the 1980’s ?
The Soviet Union
How do Amir and Baba travel to Pakistan?
In the back of a truck along with other refugees
What happens to Kamal and his father?
Kamal suffocated on fumes and died. Kamal’s father got really mad and put the barrel of Karim’s gun in his mouth and shot himself.
What does Amir like about America?
It was a place for him to bury his memories.
How does Amir finally stand up to Baba?
By telling him that he wanted to be a creative writer instead of a doctor or a lawyer
Where does Amir meet Soraya?
in the flea market where Amir and Baba go to sell things every Sunday
What is the scandal surrounding Soraya Taheri?
She had a relationship with a man that didn’t work out and hadn’t been courted since.
What disease is Baba diagnosed with?
What secret does Soraya share with Amir?
That when she lived in Virginia she ran away with an afghan man and that when her father found her and dragged her home she found out that her mother had suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of her face
How much does Baba spend on the wedding?
What are Amir and Soraya’s majors in college?
Why does general taheri refuse to allow amir and soraya to adopt?
Why rahim khan call amir?
Where is amir going at the end of chapter 14?
How did rahim khan get the scar on his forehead?
Who lived with rahim khan at baba’s house in kabul?
How did ali die?
Name 2 things the Taliban did in Afghanistan between 1996 and 1998.
How did Hassan and Farzana die?
What does rahim khan want amir to do in afghanistan?
Who are Hassan’s father and mother?
Why is amir so angry at baba?
What does amir decide at the end of chapter 18?
Why did farid dislike amir when they first mer?
What were Wahid’s sons really staring at?
How does amir begin to redeem himself?
Who is the beggar amir meets on the streets of kabul?
What does the beggar tell amir about his mother?
How does amir eventually gain access to an orphanage?
Describe three things about the orphonage
Why does Farid attack Zaman?
Where is Sohrab?
Why does amir remember the turtle story while at baba’s house?
Describe baba’s house in 2001.
What is still inscribed on the pomegranate tree? Why does amir look for it?
What happened during half time at the soccer match? Why?
Who is amir meeting at 3:00pm?
What is the last solid food amir will eat for a while?
How does assef recognize amir?
What did assef do in mazar?
What was assef’s epiphany?
What makes amir laugh during the fight?
How do amir and sohrab escape?
Name three injuries amir suffered from the fight with assef.
What is important about the card game amir and sohrab play while in the hospital?
Why did rahim khan lie about the caldwells?
How much money does amir give farid for his help?
Why did sohrab go to the mosque?
What does amir ask sohrab while they are at the mosque?
What two things does sohrab know about san francisco?
How does soraya react to amir’s news?
What does faisal tell amir are his options for adoption?
After soraya’s call, how will sohrab get into the usa?
Why does amir scream at the end of chapter 24?
Why does amir begin to pray?
What did sohrab do in the bathtub and why?
What does sohrab refuse to do in the United States?
What happened on September 11, 2001?
Why does the general return to Afghanistan?

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