The Kite Runner Study Questions (SparkNotes) Flashcard Example #23796

What is a kite runner?
Someone who retrieves the losing kite of a kite battle
How did Ali come into Baba’s family?
Ali’s parents were killed and Baba’s father, who judged the murder trial, took him in
What is it that worries Baba about Amir?
A boy who can’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything
How is Hassan’s cleft lip fixed?
Baba pays for the surgery as a birthday gift to Hassan
Why does Amir think Baba doesn’t love him fully?
Baba holds him responsible for the death of his wife (Amir’s mother), who died giving birth to Amir
Why doesn’t Amir stop Hassan’s rape?
He is afraid and also wants the blue kite, which he can only get by not interfering
What does Amir put under Hassan’s mattress to frame him?
Money he received for his birthday and the watch Baba gave him
Why do Baba and Amir leave Kabul?
The invasion by the Russians has turned the country into a dangerous war zone
When Baba and Amir flee Kabul, what does Baba say to the Russian guard who tries to rape the woman in the truck with them?
He says decency is even more important in times of war
Where do Baba and Amir end up in the U.S.?
Fremont, California
What does Amir decide to study in college?
Where does Amir meet Soraya?
The flea market
When Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer and Amir says he doesn’t know what to do without him, what does Baba tell Amir?
That he has been trying to teach Amir how to live without him for Amir’s whole life
What accurately describes the traditional Afghan way of proposing marriage, which we see in the novel?
The man’s father asks consent from the woman’s father
What do Amir and Soraya want to do but are not able to?
Have a baby
What does Rahim Khan say to Amir to convince Amir to go to Pakistan?
There is a way to be good again
Who is Hassan’s real father?
Why does Rahim Khan want Amir to go to Kabul?
So he can get Sohrab and bring him back to Pakistan
Why does Farid initially dislike Amir?
Farid thought Amir was returning to Kabul to sell property
What do Farid and Amir see during the half-time show of the soccer game in Kabul?
A man and a woman stoned to death
Why does Amir laugh when Assef beats him?
He feels relief from his guilt
Why is it significant that Sohrab shoots out Assef’s eye with his slingshot?
Hassan once saved Amir from Assef with a slingshot
Why does Amir have a difficulty adopting Sohrab?
Amir has no papers proving Sohrab’s parents are dead
What will Sohrab no longer do after he attempts suicide?
What metaphor does Amir use to explain the importance of Sohrab smiling?
When spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time

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