The natural by Bernard Malamud Flashcard Example #91337

A team member always making practical jokes
Roy’s bat
Otto Zipp
Loud and angry fan
Manager of the Knights
refused to give Roy a raise
Harriet Bird
shoots Roy in the stomach
Red headed woman who enchants Roy
Sam Simpson
dies in the process of discovering Roy
a gambler and a bookie
a fortune teller
Iris Lemon
stood up in the stands an encouraged Roy’s comeback
Max Mercy
Sports writer
Roys game return
35 years old
Roys tragic flaws
Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride
Roy tried out for the cubs
at nineteen and was shot by harriet bird
Strikes out the Whammer
Sam dies in the process of discovering him
Pulled Roy out of the country
Pop fischer gave Roy a chance
knocks the cover off the baseball
Tells Roy not to fall victim to the gambling lifestyle which Roy eventually falls victim to because he wanted a woman with the ” champions taste”
Roy Hobbs got a
stomache ache because he ate so much his apppendix burst
Also had an appetite for women
Roy hobbs plays for the
Iris reveals she is
preganant with his child
Roys bat is called
Memo is Pops
Roy felt Memo always compared him to
Roy ended up in the hospital because he
ate too much food
The gifts Roy gets on Roy Hobbs day are
car and money
The Tragic Hero of the story is
Roy because he had his fatal flaw which was fame and greed which doomed him in the end.
On more than one occasion Roy beleives he see’s
back into his childhood, family, dad.
Pop fischer quote
The love of money is the root of all evil-
Memo quote
I am the type who has to have somebody support her in a decent way
Roy Hobbs Quote
He wished we could have lived longer in his boyhood
At the end of the story, the mystery of
of Roy and Iris is left unsolved.
2. The piece of Advice Pop Fischer would offer an athlete today is
not to bet within their sport.
3. An example of symbolism in this plot would be
Roy’s bat Wonderboy and it played the role in the plot of symbolizing Roy’s superstition and his American Dream.
The four tragic flaws in this story are
greed, selfishness, overconfidence, love, lust, pride,
How old was Roy when he joined the kinights
Wonderboy- made from
tree split by lightning
Bump dies when
he splits his head on the wall
Roy made only
only 3,000 dollars his first time
5. The women in this story are
Iris, Memo, and Harriet and each of them loved Roy but each of them had their own flaws which doomed each of their relationships with Roy. Iris’s flaw was that she was a grandmother at a young age. Memo’s flaw was being greedy and holding on to Bumps death. Harriet’s fatal flaw was her own mental issues which created a pain that haunts Roy throughout the book. Lola is the fortune teller.
6. The men of this story are
Roy, Bump, Pop, Gus, The Judge, and Sam. Roy is the main character who struggles with his own desires like money and women. He eventually fails to achieve his American dream. Bump plays a major role in affecting one of Roy’s love interests Memo because of his death and previous relationship with her which casues conflict between her and Roy. Pop is the captain of the baseball team who strives for sucess and for his team to suceed and is ultimately betrayed by Roy in the end. Gus and The Judge are the figures of the story who have a lot of money and serve as an increase to Roy’s desires for money convincing him that it’s the right thing to do which plays a major part in Roy’s down fall. Sam plays the role of company for Roy and for bringing him into the spotlight at the beginning of the book but he dies early on.
Any large coin, especially a U.s. Silver dollar
Excessively sentimental
A shrewd swindler
Inexperienced player
Small pieces
Snake eyes
Two ones rolled playing craps
Sevened out
A losing throw
Gave him short shrift
Gave cold shoulder
Pinch hit
A hit made by a sub
A player in a minor league
Farm boy
Hang onto the water wagon
Abstaining from alcohol
Four bit piece
50 cents
Two bits
25 cents
Have a little chin chin
A stern talking to
A small town
A “C”
Took it on the chin
To endure defeat
Break training
Break the rules
Take the flag
Charley horse
Involuntary cramp
Cauliflower ear
Deformed ear by repeated injury
Heebie jeebies
In fine fettle
In good order
Pennant fever
Wanting to win the championship
Overall a barrel
At someone’s will
Rube Goldberg contraption
Random things put together to complete a simple task
Put on the squelch
Hit the brakes
Cook their own goose
Screw yourself over
Bughouse nightmare
Nervous breakdown
Shin dig
Cheap liquor
Selling snake oil
Deceiving people
Peppering it up
Building enthusiasm

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