The Novel II Flashcard Example #13326

In Jane Eyre, which theme reflects a philosophical assumption that Charlotte Bronte holds?
The abuse of power is wrong.
In Jane Eyre, which statement best summarizes Jane’s reaction to Miss Scatcherd’s treatment of Helen?
She is outraged and feels Helen should resist being treated unjustly.
Which of these statements best describes Helen Burns?
an obedient, accepting child
Which is the best summary of Jane’s philosophy as conveyed in this excerpt?
People should react with force against injustice.
In Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which description best summarizes the character of Miss Scatcherd?
overly critical and cruel
In Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which of the following is a true statement?
Jane is dismayed by the harsh condition and surprised by Helen’s self-effacing acceptance and cruelty.
Based on this passage, which of the following best describes Charlotte Bronte’s philosophical assumption?
Physical punishment is cruel and inhuman.
In this passage, why does Helen hold back her tears when Miss Scatchered is hitting her?
She feels she must ear ill treatment without complaint.
Which is the best summary of Helen’s philosophy as it is conveyed in this excerpt?
Life should not be spent harboring hostilities.

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