the republic of rome Flashcard Example #8843

Rome was strongly influenced by the culture of the
Like Rome, the United States has
two houses in the legislative branch.
What was one consequence of Roman expansion beginning in 300 BCE?
Economic problems began to increase.
As Rome expanded, more power went to its
Julius Caesar’s assassination led to the
end of the Roman Republic.
Which was an achievement of the Roman Empire?
starting a civil service
The factor that most contributed to the development of Roman civilization was
Rome’s geography.
Rome’s location made it a center for trade throughout the
Why did Romans create a written code of law?
to allow citizens to see and understand the law
The Roman Republic began to expand when Rome fought the Punic Wars and defeated
How many branches of government did the Roman Republic have?
The two social classes of ancient Rome were made up of patricians and
With Caesar Augustus’s rise to power, Rome
became a powerful empire.
Which aspect of government does the United States have in common with the Roman Republic?
There are three branches of government.
On which river was Rome located?

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