The Scarlet Letter Chapter 4 Flashcard Example #52907

How does Hester act when she returns to prison?
She enters a state of “nervous excitement’.
Why does the jailer call the doctor?
He thinks that one will be needed to quell Hester’s mood and also the child needed treatment as it “writhed in convulsions of pain”
What is the doctor’s name?
Roger Chillingworth
Where did the “doctor” learn his skill?
His old studies in alchemy, as well as from the instruction of the ‘savages” or native americans
Quote two lines that indicate that the doctor and Hester know each other before this meeting.
“Dost thou know me so little, Hester Prynne?” -68
“from the moment we came down…a married pair” -69
What is the relationship between Chillingworth and Hester?
They are husband and wife
Why should Hester’s marriage be a failure?
She has committed adultery in the absence of her husband, whom she says she never loved.
Did Hester ever love her husband? Quote Hester to support your answer.
No. “thou knowest I was frank with thee. I felt no love, nor feigned any.” -69
What secret does Chillingworth ask Hester to keep?
That they are husband and wife.
What symbol is introduced for Chillingworth in Hester’s final lines in this chapter?
‘The Black Man’ or the devil

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