The Scarlet Letter- Chapter 6 Flashcard Example #58465

What is the title of this Chapter?
Who is Pearl?
Hester Prynne’s infant (daughter)
Why did Hester name her daughter Pearl?
She refers to is as a price, that Hester had put all effort into her daughter. She, the child, is Hester’s only treasure.
What does Pearl symbolize?
A reminder to Hester and the world that Hester had committed an evil and sinful deed
How was Pearl often dressed?
Very well, she wore extravagant dresses that her mother, Hester, had made
How is Pearl described?
Exceptionally beautiful
What is the purpose of Chapter 6?
To give elaborate details on Pearl and how she is doing as this story unfolds around her
In this Chapter, what is a major comparison made?
The discipline, during that time period, was far worse that it is today (it mentions family rebuke, frown, shame, and frequent beatings that are tied to the authority in the church)
Pearl was given the choice to be swayed by her own opinion after her mother tried to strictly teach her? True or False?
What did Hester often do around Pearl?
Sob, or cry, about her sin and her life but also in passion for her daughter
What is said in the story about the only true comfort for Hester?
Hester found comfort, only, while Pearl lay peacefully in sleep
Pearl’s social position is stated in this Chapter, what is it?
Pearl was born into this world as an Outcast
Who was Hester always accompanied by in Public, ever since her release from prison?
Pearl, her daughter was always with her
What was the strange, an outlandish, aspect of Puritan life?
A relationship between mother and daughter was scorned upon and the mother and child were together in the circle of social seclusion and outcast
In this Chapter, what does Pearl do even as an infant?
Pearl, at home, would use inanimate objects (such as rocks, flowers, and twigs) as imaginary friends to play with and speak to
Pearl, one day, reached up and grabbed ahold of the Scarlet Letter on Hester’s bosom. What does this remind Hester of?
How much she wanted the Scarlet Letter to tear off because of its infinite pain and torture
There is a shift in this Chapter, what is the shift?
The shift occurs in time elapsed in Pearl’s age (she was an infant but then we fast forward to her being old enough to run and speak in complete sentences and thoughts)

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