the scarlet letter chapter questions ch.1-5 Flashcard Example #10137

identify the setting in ch. 1
Massachusetts bay colony (boston)
describe the edifice
jail, ugly, old, gloomy, made out of wood
what stands out in ch. 1?
the rose bush
who is anne Hutchinson?
woman persecuted for her religious beliefs and held in the same prison
according to the narrator, what does the rosebush symbolize?
the moral lesson to be learned and the only happy aspect in a tale of human frailty and sorrow
the last sentence of the chapter is an example of what literary devices?
how does the narrator set the tone
by the negative words referencing human frailty
name two crimes and punishments the puritans might witness
child getting whipped, witch was getting ready to be executed
what is the relationship between religion and law? use a quote for your answer.
“as befitted a people amongst whom religion and law were almost identical”
what do puritan women think should happen to hester?
hot iron branded on her forehead or be killed
describe the appearance of hester prynne
walked out with confidence, more beautiful and ladylike, dressed in bright and bold colors
describe the scarlet letter
red cloth with gold thread, looked like a decoration, went against dress code
what are hester’s thoughts while on the stand
memories of her life, connect to misshapen scholar from earlier in her life
describe the man who is standing in the outskirts of the crowd
misshapen- scholar, small and stacher, face with darkened with emotion
what prior reference was made in ch 2 that reminds the reader of this man?
uneven shoulders
what does the man in the crowd learn from the stranger?
hester has a child and doesn’t know who father is
what is hester’s punishment?
stand on scaffold for 3 hours, 3 months in jail, and wear scarlett letter for rest of life
what is the normal punishment for adultery?
why is her punishment less severe?
bc her husband could be dead
what are hester’s feelings toward stranger?
better to meet that way than face to face
who is governor Bellingham? John Wilson? Dimmesdale?
GB_ political leader of colony
GW- eldest clergyman (church official) of boston
Dimmesdale- hester’s preacher
why won’t hester name the child’s father?
she says it’s too deeply branded, she’s going to endure both of their pain
describe hester’s behavior when she returns to prison
mentally unstable
why does the jailer call a doctor
he is afraid she will hurt herself or the child
who is the doctor
roger chillingworth
what is the relationship between the doctor and hester
they are married
give two reasons why hester’s marriage was doomed to fail
he was old and deformed, she was young and beautiful, she never loved him even on wedding day
what secret does Chillingworth ask hester to keep? why?
that he is her husband bc he doesn’t want the shame that comes with an unfaithful life
what is Chillingworth going to do for the rest of his life
seek identity of father, then revenge
what symbol is introduced for Chillingworth in hester’s final lines in this chapter
the devil
what general symbol has hester become?
the reality of sin
why did hester choose to stay at the colony?
this is where she sinned, so this is where she should be punished, also father of the child is there
describe hester’s home
outskirts of town, near peninsula, isolated from society
what talent does hester use to support herself and the child?
needle work
what was hester not allowed to make?
wedding garments
what does hester do that shows she has a charitable nature?
makes clothes for poor
what special knowledge does the scarlett letter give hester?
to see hidden sin
Why did hester name her child pearl?
describe pearl (physically and mentally)
what does pearl do when around other children
what does pear say when her mother asks her where she came from?

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