The Scarlet Letter Chapters 9-14 Flashcard Example #52148

What are the 2 meanings of the title of Chapter 9 “The Leech”?
The leech is Roger Chillingworth because he is “sucking” the life out of Rev. Dimmesdale and physicians are called leeches because they would use leeches to “cure” people (blood let)
Why did Roger not want to associate himself with Hester?
He did not want to be categorized as sinful
Were the townspeople happy with Roger Chillingworth?
Yes, they thought he was a gift from God
How was Dimmesdale’s health wasting away?
His voice was full of melancholy, his shoulders emaciated, he would put his hand on his heart as if in pain
How do Dimmesdale and Rogers’ relationship change? (what are their circumstances now?)
They live under the same roof, and can access each other’s rooms
What does Dimmesdale’s room look like? What does Roger’s room look like?
Dimmesdale’s room is full of books and tapestries. Roger’s room is a labratory
What is the (bible) story behind the tapestry in Dimmesdale’s room?
The story of David and Bethsheeba. David and Bethsheeba (who is married to Uria) have relations (producing a child) and David has Uria come home from battle to make it seem like he had the child with Bethsheeba, but gets greedy and sends him back to the battlefield to get killed. The prophet Nathaniel tells him the story of a man who had much but stole more, David asks who. And Nathaniel says you.
How does the colony become divided (about thoughts on Roger)?
Roger is a medical gift from God to some of the people, and the face of evil for some others
What is Pearl doing in the graveyard when Arthur and Roger see her? What does Roger say about Pearl?
They see Pearl stomping on graves, and Roger says that she has no principle, discipline and that she is an imp
What does Pearl say after seeing Roger (to Hester)?
She says be careful, the black man might get your soul, he has already gotten the Reverend.
What does Roger say to Dimmesdale in relation to his sickness?
If there is illness in your soul you will have sickness in your body
What does Roger do and see when he comes into Dimmesdale’s room when he is sleeping? How does he react
He poisons him, pulls across his vestment and sees something on his chest. He is delighted with horror, and filled with revenge
How do the townspeople feel about Dimmesdale? How does he feel about himself?
They love him and think he was sent down from heaven. He wants to give a sermon about how he is a lie, and vile.
What are Dimmesdale’s 3 acts of penance?
Fasting, he stays up all night, and he scourges (whips) himself
What is the other minor theme in chapter 11?
If you are living a lie that you are colored by the perception that everyone else is living a lie
Where does Arthur stand on his night vigil?
The scaffold (where Hester stands)
Is this penance on the scaffold real?
It is except no one is there to see him
Who is the first person that walks past Dimmesdale on the pillory? Why is this man out at this hour? What does Arthur think that he says to him?
Reverend Wilson, he was with Governor Winthrop at his death bed. Arthur thinks that he invites him up with him, but he doesn’t notice him
Who are the next pair to walk by Dimmesdale? Why was this person out so late? What does he actually say to them?
Hester and Pearl, because Hester was taking measurements for the Governor’s death robe. He asks them to stand with him.
What does Pearl ask of Rev. Dimmesdale? What does he say in response?
She asks him to stand with them on the scaffold the next day at 12. He says that he will another day, on judgment day.
What do they see in the sky?
A type of meteor shower that makes a scarlet A in the sky
Who is the last person to stop by the scaffold? Why is he out so late?
Roger Chillingworth, he was also with the governor trying to save him
What does Rev. Dimmesdale say about the figure of Roger Chillingworth? (when he is on the pillory)
That he hates that man, even though he does not know him, he hates him
What does the sexton find at the pillory and brings to Dimmesdale during his sermon? How does he assume it got there?
Dimmesdale’s black glove, he assumes that the devil put it there.
Why has Hester changed? (3 things)
1. She is kind and lives a blameless life 2. she doesn’t battle with the public 3. She doesn’t ask for things for herself
What does A now stand for?
What is the physical change in Hester?
She wears a cap so you can’t see her luscious hair, she is pale and withered looking
Why does Hester want to talk with Roger? And where do they meet?
To tell him that she is going to tell Dimmesdale who his torturer is. They meet on the edge of the shore
What news does Roger bring to Hester? What does Hester say in response?
That they might take her A off. That if she were worthy to have it taken off it would have fallen off
What does she compare him to?
The devil
What does he ask her to remember? (from 9 yrs ago?) What does Hester say to this?
That he was caring, studious, and thoughtful towards her. She says that he was more
What does Roger now say that he is?
A fiend.
Hester blames herself Rev.’s torture. “Why did you not avenge me?” What does Roger say to this?
He was leaving her to the scarlet letter
What is the conclusion of Ch 14? (what Hester is going to do, what Roger says about it)
that she is going to tell Arthur about “Roger” and he says do as you must.
What does she ask of him to do?
Forgive and move on, it is a great benefit

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