The Scarlet Letter Final (Exam) Review Flashcard Example #82960

Which century was The Scarlet Letter written?
Points in Puritain theology
predestination, providence, original sin
Chillingworth’s most serious sin is that he
Dimmesdale’s most serious sin
preaching to congregation about sin when he is a sinner-hypocrisy
Community’s most serious sin
treating Hester as a scapegoat for its sin
Setting of the novel
Boston 1690
What are the 2 portions of soil automatically allotted in a community
a cemetery and a prison
A Rosebush
serve as a symbol of hope, sweet moral blossom, human frailty
When Hester stands on the scaffold she thinks of
her childhood
How long has Hester’s husband been away from her?
2 years
Dismesdale speaks to Hester during the 1st scaffold scene to convince her to
identify Pearl’s father
The man Hester recognizes in the crowd is
Roger Chillingworth, her husband
When Hester left the prison how did she feel about the future?
That she could live through anything
When Chillingworth comes to Hester in prison she asks him
if he would avenge himself on Pearl…..if he would hurt Pearl to try to get revenge
What request does Chillingworth make of HEster?
to keep his identity a secret
Chillingworth’s real reason for not revealing his true identity was that he
would be better able to discover Hester’s partner in sin
Chillingworth set himself up in the colony as a
In order to support herself and her daughter, Hester works as a
seamstress embroidering for the villagers
Why did Hester go to Gov Billingham’s home?
to deliver a pair of gloves and to beg him not to take Pearl away.
How was Pearl dressed when they went to the governor’s
in a red dress embroidered in gold thread just like the letter “A”
What arrangements were made for living quarters of Chillingworth and Dimmesdale?
They were lodged in the same house
Who interceded on Hester’s behalf regarding custody of Pearl?
Who is Mistress Hibbins
Gov Bellingham’s sister who is later hung for being a witch
Dimmesdale says that men have valid reasons to bury secrets in their hearts and not confess. What is the reason?
Because only God can judge sin
What does Dimmesdale to do punish himself?
fasts, whips himself, keeps vigils by staying up all night
While on the scaffold the second time, Pearl asks Dimmesdale if he would
stand on the scaffold with them at noon
What is found on the scaffold after the minister’s vigil?
Dimmesdale’s glove
The person who witnessed Dimmesdal’s anguish with Hester and Pearl on the scaffold was
Roger Chillingworth
When Hester Meets Chillingworth near the seashore she asks his permission to
tell Dimmesdale who Chillingworth really is
Pearl keeps asking her mother
Why do you wear the letter? What does the letter mean? Why does the minister keep his hand on his heart?
When Chillingworth suggests that Hester remove the letter, she says
When it is time, it will fall off
After the meeting in the forest, Hester and Dimmesdale decide to
Leave town
The villagers thought that Pearl’s character and actions were influenced by
the Evil One
When Pearl wonders why Hester wears the scarlet letter, she asks if it
is for the same reason the minister holds his hand over his heart
When Hester and Dimesdale talk in the forest Hester
removes the letter and throws it down near the brook
Dimmesdale’s confession followed
his Election Day sermon
Where did Dismmesdale die
on the scaffold
Why did the Puritain community believe about the presnce of Dimmesdale’s “letter”
1- he infliceed it on himself
2- Chillingworth inflicted it on him with magic and drugs
3- it gnawed outward from the innermost heart
Hester returned to the town at the end of the novel because
this was the scene of her sin, and here she hoped to repent
Hester was buried
near Dimmesdale
Pearl was an heiress to
Chillingworth’s fortune
The community that Hawthorne describes was composed of
strict Puritains
The scarlet letter was symbolic of
adultery, angel, able
What did the forest represent to Hester?
Hester’s most memorable quality is
her strength
Truth is revealed throughout the novel by the
full brightness of the noonday sun
Which character best embodies the freedome and innocence of nature?
What is the symbolic meaning of Pearl’s name?
of great price
To Dimmesdale the “A” means
a reminder of hidden sin
The Scarlet Letter dealt with
love, sin, human weakness

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