The Scarlet Letter Flashcard Example #50389

What is the year of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birth?
July 4, 1804
Identify the literary genre of The Scarlet Letter.
dark romanticism
Identify a characteristic that is NOT generally associated with the genre associated with The Scarlet Letter?
an optimistic outlook
Who is the central character in the novel, The Scarlet Letter?
Hester Prynne
What is the year that The Scarlet Letter was published?
Why did Nathaniel Hawthorne change his last name?
He wanted to distance himself from the famous Hathorne judge of the Salem Witch Trials.
Identify the statement about Rose Hawthorne that is NOT correct?
a. She was the third child of Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife.
b. She was married.
c. She converted to Catholicism.
d. She joined a religious order, and is now a candidate for canonization.
e. All of the above statements are true. (CORRECT)
Why did Nathaniel Hawthorne change his last name?
To distance himself from his Puritan ancestors.
Who is telling the story of The Scarlet Letter?
The supervisor in a customs house, who found the story in some old papers
As the story of Hester Prynne begins, what does the author reveal that may strike us as particularly cruel?
a. Pearl is born in prison
b. Hester is forced to stand on the scaffold
c. Hester is forced to live on the outskirts of town
d. Hester is forced to wear a scarlet letter
e. all of the above (CORRECT)
As Hester is standing on the scaffold, the two town ministers, John Wilson and Arthur Dimmesdale ask Hester to reveal the name of the father?

Identify the characteristic(s) of Rev. Wilson as seen in this moment?

Uses harsh language and false promises to attempt to get information
When Hester returns to her jail cell after standing on the scaffold, she feels ill and a doctor is called for. Roger Chillingworth is sent and they speak. During their conversation, many details are brought to light. Identify an item that is not revealed during this conversation.
The identity of the baby’s father is revealed
As Hester is released from jail, she begins a new life as a seamstress. What is the one object that the town will not let her make?
a bride’s veil
As Pearl grows older, many remarkable facts are seen. Identify the fact that is not true according to the novel.
She has many friends among the neighboring girls in the town.
As Hester begins her new life, the author notes that Hester’s life has an ascetic quality, that she is skilled, that she is hard-working, that she provides for Pearl, and that she has no desire to accumulate wealth. Why is the implication of this description?
that Hester is modeling the high ideals of the Puritan faith
In the beginning of Chapter 6, Hester sets out to deliver a pair of gloves to Gov. Bellingham. What is the additional reason for her visit?
She wishes to advocate the idea that Pearl should remain with her.
Identify the items that suggest that Gov. Bellingham desires to impress people with his power and wealth.
a. fancy white gloves
b. house with glass mixed in with the stucco
c. suit of armor
d. beautiful rose garden
e. all of the above. (CORRECT)
On the way to the Governor’s house, Hester and Pearl see several of the children in the town. What happens next?
the children think about throwing mud at Pearl but change mind when she glares at them
The myterious nature of Pearl is compounded by the many words that the narrator and other people use to describe her. From the list below, identify the metaphor that has NOT been used to describe Pearl in the first six chapters of the work.
a saint
While Hester is waiting to speak to the Governor, Pearl’s attitude can be described as petulant. What does she want?
a rose from the governor’s garden
As Chapter 7 unfolds and a conversation ensues between Governor Bellingham, Rev. Wilson, Rev. Dimmesdale, Hester Prynne, and Roger Chillingworth, each takes a position on whether Pearl should remain with Hester except this person.
Roger Chillingworth
Hawthorne depicts Pearl as a person with a high degree of intuition. At the governor’s house, what action does Pearl take that shows that she instinctively understands the innate goodness of a particular person?
She allows Rev. Dimmesdale to kiss her on the head.
Gov. Bellingham
Pearl should be raised by another person because of Hester’s great “fall.”
Rev. Wilson
Pearl should be raised by another person because Pearl does not display knowledge of Christian faith.
Hester Prynne
Pearl should be raised by Hester because she is Hester’s only reason for living.
Rev. Dimmesdale
Pearl should be raised by Hester because there is a sacred bond between a mother and a child.
When Rev. Wilson asks Pearl who made her, what is her response?
She was not made; rather she was plucked from a rose bush.
After Rev. Dimmesdale makes a passionate plea on behalf of Hester at the governor’s mansion, what is Roger Chillingworth’s response?
He wonders why Rev. Dimmesdale was so passionate about supporting Hester.
While Chillingworth and Rev. Dimmesdale are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of revealing all of your secrets to society, the two observe Pearl. According to what Chillingworth has seen or has heard discussed, what is likely NOT a reason that Chillingworth thinks that Pearl is an evil imp?
She makes dolls out of scraps of cloth and flowers.
Chillingworth and Rev. Dimmesdale discuss the advantage of revealing all of one’s sins to society. What is most likely the ultimate reason that Chillingworth thinks it is best for everyone to reveal all of their sins?
He wants to find the father of Pearl.
At the end of Chapter 9, Rev. Dimmesdale falls asleep and Chillingworth finds a stunning secret beneath his shirt. According to the narrator, the look on his face might be similar to that of the devil when he rejoices over winning a soul from heaven. What character was the first to associate Chillingworth with the devil?
Hester Prynne
no longer considered attractive; once luxuriant hair is either hidden or cut off
Arthur Dimmesdale
physical health appears to be declining apparently related to the extended prayers and fasts
Roger Chillingworth
appears to have aged many years in a short time
In Chapter 10, Arthur Dimmesdale attempts to alleviate his guilt through a variety of penances, each of which apparently fails. Put the following penances in the order that Dimmesdale performs them.
1. prayer and fasting
2. use of a scourge in the privacy of his home
3. ascending the scaffold in the middle of the night
In Chapter 11, Arthur Dimmesdale, Hester Prynne, and Pearl are all on the scaffold together. What request does Pearl make of Rev. Dimmesdale?
She wants him to return the following day so that he can stand her and her mom.
In Chapter 11, it is revealed that Chillingworth has begun to torture Arthur Dimmesdale. In the beginning of the novel, Chillingworth has revealed that his only concern in life is to ensure that Pearl’s father is punished for the crime of adultery. What is the implication of Chillingworth’s action in Chapter 11?
Chillingworth believes that Dimmesdale is Pearl’s father.
In Chapter 11, what does Arthur Dimmesdale believe that he sees in the sky after Hester and Pearl join him on the scaffold?
a giant scarlet letter in the sky
In Chapter 12, Roger Chillingworth tells Hester Prynne that the leaders of the town are considering rescinding the punishment of the scarlet letter. What is Hester’s response?
a. She appears to not care, one way or the other.
b. She states that if it was meant to be, it would fall off on its own.
c. She expresses doubt that her life could ever improve.
d. She appears to be more concerned about the welfare of others than herself.
e. All of the above statements are correct. (CORRECT)

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