The Scarlet Letter – (Gradesaver #1 Quiz) Flashcard Example #72926

Hawthorne completed The Scarlet Letter in what year?
Why did Hawthorne write the Custom-House introduction to the novel?
he thought The Scarlet Letter was too short to print by itself
The prison door best represents what?
Puritanical severity of law and the authority of the regime
The rosebush outside the prison door is a symbol of what?
Hester’s passion, Ann Hutchinson’s tolerance of other religions, & the wilderness surrounding Boston
The blossoms of the rosebush are metaphors for:
Pearl and the moral of the story
Hawthorne’s portrayal of the Puritanical society is one of:
contradictory images and hypocrisy
Hester has embroidered what symbol onto her dress?
a scarlet letter A
What gesture does Reverend Dimmesdale make throughout the book?
places his hand over his heart
What are 3 ironies that occur in the first scaffold scene?
-the irony that Dimmesdale is called upon to ask Hester who the father is
-the irony that Hester is married to Chillingworth but has had a child with another man
-the irony that Chillingworth chides Hester from the crowd, asking her to reveal the father
Chillingworth pretends to be of what profession?
a doctor
After she is released from prison, Hester goes to live where?
on the outskirts of Boston
How does Hester earn a living?
by her needlework
What is the first thing that Pearl sees as a baby?
the scarlet letter on Hester’s chest
What does Pearl best represent throughout the novel?
the living embodiment of Hester’s sin
When John Wilson asks Pearl who her maker is, Pearl replies:
that she was plucked off of a rose bush
Mistress Hibbins, the sister of Governor Bellingham, is reputed to be:
a witch
Hawthorne draws strong parallels between what three images?
Pearl, the red rose, the scarlet letter
To whom does Hawthorne apply the term “The Leech”?
How does Chillingworth figure out who Pearl’s father really is?
Chillingworth becomes Dimmesdale’s doctor and guesses the secret
What illuminates the first scaffold scene where Hester, Dimmesdale and Pearl are brought together?
a meteor
The fact that this scaffold scene is illuminated can be understood as:
divine intervention
Pearl’s role changes towards the end of the novel. She starts to “punish” which character?
What is Hester’s response when she learns that the Puritan council might allow her to remove her scarlet letter?
She indicates that only God can remove her letter.
Hester tries to convince Dimmesdale to do what during their walks in the woods?
to run away and live elsewhere
What does the forest stand for?
A wild, uninhibited place where passion can flourish

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