the scarlet letter-test Flashcard Example #69599

Massachusetts Bay Colony and 1630s
what is the setting of the scarlet letter?
highlighted weaknesses and strengths, admired rigid and oppressive rules
how does Hawthorne portray Puritan society?
-gets caught for adultery-known as sinner
-punished for sin
-counsels sinners
what happens to each character in the beginning,middle,and end of the story?
-commits adultery
-keeps secret for 7 years
-admits to sin and dies
what happens to each character in the beginning,middle,and end of the story?
-married to Hester
-moves to find Hester
-dies without hatred towards dimmesdale
what happens to each character in the beginning,middle,and end of the story?
-Hester and pearl
-Hester, pearl, dimmesdale
-Hester, pearl, dimmesdale, chillingworth
what are the three scaffold scenes?
placing his hand over his heart
what gesture does reverend dimmesdale make throughout the book?
at night-Blackman worshiped, talked about sins on scaffold
what is the symbolism of the time of day?
town-under public scrutiny
forest-able to speak freely; not judged
what is the symbolism of the location of events?
guilt, shame, mockery
what are three things that the scarlet letter could symbolize besides its literal meaning?
moral to be true, hope
what does the rosebush symbolize?
she has to wear the scarlet letter; 3 hours of public shame on scaffold
what is Hester’s punishment for her adultery?
dimmesdale confessed his sin too-he’s the father
why is the first scaffold scene very ironic?
chillingworth pretends to be of what profession?
stay with dimmesdale and help him get “better”
what is chillingworths plan after talking to Hester? how does he go about this?
outskirts of town; doesn’t want to leave b/c she feels it’s part of her punishment
after she is released from prison, Hester goes to live where? why?
doing needlework; make gowns for weddings
how does Hester earn a living? what is she not allowed to do?
it’s Hester’s greatest treasure-greatest prized possession
why does Hester name her daughter pearl?
Hester’s sin-punishment; she’s supposed to be calm and sweet where she is like a demon
what does pearl represent in the novel? how is this similar/different from what her name symbolizes?
a witch
mistress hibbins, the sister of governor Bellingham, is reputed to be what?
to whom does Hawthorne apply the term “the leech”?
weeds will grow on his grave
what is chillingworths belief about a man that dies with a secret sin?
parishioners wouldn’t want to listen to him anymore
how does dimmesdale convince himself that he should keep his sin a secret?
able; she is helpful
after seven years, what does the “A” stand for? why?
scarlet letter didn’t do its job
what are the narrators beliefs about the puritans punishment of Hester?-“the scarlet letter had not done its office”
chillingworth; sinned against human heart
according to dimmesdale, who had sinned more than he and Hester? why?
leave town with her; escape to Europe
Hester tries to convince dimmesdale to do what during their walk in the woods?
doesn’t recognize her; throws a fit
what does pearl do when she first sees her mother without the scarlet letter?
chillingworth; he is going to go on the voyage too
who destroys dimmesdale and Hester’s plans to run away from Boston? how?
kisses him; she becomes sympathetic-spell broken
what does pearl do right before dimmesdale dies? what happens in this moment?
she becomes rich and happy and possibly married
what happens to pearl at the end of the story?
utterly or obviously senseless; crazy
to leap or skip about; prance
inadequate supply; scarcity; lack
depression of spirits from loss of courage or hope
serious in intention
intimidating building
fizz or bubble
weird and sinister
make an effort; an attempt
dishonor; humiliation; public contempt
consume by drinking
unable to be touched; no physical presence
vivid in color; to create an unpleasant effect
supposed practice of communicating with the dead to predict the future
make a disease less severe
a lover
intense disgust
satisfy a desire to the fullest
examine/inspect closely and thoroughly
take a position of power by force
giving the impression that something bad is going to happen
lively and animated

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