To Kill A Mocking Bird–Character Traits & Descriptions Flashcard Example #88597

Scout (Jean Louise Finch)
intelligent, reads well, tomboy, outspoken, matures throughout the story
Jem (Jeremy Atticus Finch)
always accepts dares, idolizes Atticus, begins to think as a lawyer
Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
confident, immagination, represents childhood ignorance, visits for the summer, literate, lacks security of family love
Atticus Finch
scout and jem’s father, lawyer in maycomb, widowed, teaches children of justice and morality, believes in racial equality, defends Tom Robinson, refuses to conform
finches’ black cook, stern with the children, connects jem and scout to black world
boo radley
topic of children’s immagination, never goes outside, innocent, normal child damaged by cruel father who locks him up, neighborhood creep until they actually meet him, unlikely hero, a “mockingbird”
bob ewell
a drunk, unemployed, poor member of the maycomb community, evil, ignorant, hateful/prejudice towards race, wrongly accuses Tom Robinson of raping his daughter
Miss Maudie
widowed, old friend of the Finches, neighbor to the finches, passionate for justice like atticus, friends with the jem, scout, bakes and gardens, house burns down, explains “mockingbird sin”
mayella ewell
old of the ewell children, takes care of siblings, physically abused, grows red geraniums, seduces tom robinson, bob ewell sees and accuses tom of rape to avoid the “embarrassement”m
tom robinson
black man accused of raping/assaulting mayella ewell, left arm was caught in a cotton machine, defended by atticus, polite, helpful, married to helen with 3 children, shot 17 times trying to escape from jail, “mockingbird”
aunt alexandra
stays with the finches because she doesn’t think that calpurnia is a proper mother figure, encourages scout to act like a lady, doesn’t have the same views as atticus but she still cares about him
jack finch
atticus and alexandra’s brother, well liked, doctor, tells scout not to swear
alexandra’s spoiled grandson, made fun of atticus causing scout to get into a fight with him, told uncle jack a different story and scout was punished
mrs dubose
elderly neighbor, children don’t like her, racist, jem gets mad and tears up her flowers, as punishment jem has to read to her, addicted to morphine, the reading helps her die free of painkillers, leaves jem a carnation in a box
simon finch
annector, sailed across atlantic to alabama
tim johnson
harry johnson’s dog, has rabies and atticus is forced to kill him, jem and scout find out that atticus was called one-shot-finch
cecil jacobs
goes to school with jem and scout, scout beats him up after he made fun of atticus, brought up adolf hitler in class, leads to a talk about democracy
little chuck little
more intelligent than people think, student in scout’s 1st grade class with miss caroline
miss gates
scout’s teacher who says that America isn’t prejudiced like Hitler’s Germany. Despite this, Scout has heard her say that the blacks need to be taught a lesson after Tom’s trial.
mr avery
overweight neighbor, tells children the weather changes because of bad children like them, they build a snowman that looks like him
judge john taylor
judge during the tom robinson trial, typically runs court informally, admires atticus and dislikes the ewells during care and sides with atticus that tom is innocent but cannot declare him innocent because of ignorant jury
heck tate
sherif in maycomb, friend of atticus, decent man who tries to protect innocent from danger (such as boo radley), not prejudice
dr reynolds
looks at scouts bruises and jems broken arm after being attacked by bob ewell
dolphus raymond
white man who pretends to be an alocholic as an excuse to associate himself with blacks, but simply he just prefers blacks over whites, lives with a black woman, mockingbird
link deas
owns cotton fields in maycomb, employs tom and helen robinson, defends tom in court and helen when bob ewell threatens her
miss caroline
scout’s 1st grade teacher, mad that she can read, sensitive, culture-shocked in maycomb
reverend skyes
the reverend in calpurnia’s church (first purchase), black community accepts finches
town garbage collector, calpurnia’s oldest son, one of 4 people who can read in first purchase, leads hymns
stephanie crawford
neighborhood gossip, miss maudie lives with her when her house burns down, wants her cake recipe
miss rachel
dills aunt, finches neighbor, often hard to deal with, family name’s synonym was good for nothing
helen robinson
tom robinson’s wife
nathan radley
boo’s older brother, mysterious, not seen that often
burris ewell
only comes to school on the first day to please the government, has lice, scares miss caroline
walter cunningham
as old as jem but in scout’s class, poor because of the great depression, suffers from hookworms, having him over for lunch teaches scout about humility and compassion
mrs merriweather
hypocrite, feels sorry for mrunas who are oppressed, just like the blacks, produces the pageant, loves to gossip, devoted to church

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