To kill a mockingbird – chapter summaries (11-20) Flashcard Example #16272

Chapter 11
Mrs Dubose was a cantankerous old lady. She often shouted cruel comments to Scout and a Jem as they passesd. Jem repeats the comments to Atticus who instructs Jem to remain a gentleman. However, one day Mrs Dubose crosses the line which causes Jem to tear up her garden. As punishment, Jem has to return to Mrs Duboses house and read. During the reading sessions Mrs Dubose has Euclide fits and later passes away. She leaves Jem a present which is a single white camellia.
Chapter 12
Jem has reached the age of 12 and has begun to ask Scout to stop pestering him and act like a girl. Scout becomes upset and looks forward to Dills arrival in Maycomb for the summer, however, he does not come. Dill sends a letter explaining his circumstances with his new father.
Atticus has to travel to the state capital everyday for the course of 2 weeks. To ease the kids Calpurnia takes them to the local black church named First Purchase as it was the first purchase made by the freed slaves. The experience is lovely and the children are accepted and greeted warmly.
Scout later finds out that Tom Robinson is being accused by bob Ewell and wonders why anyone would believe the ewells word.
Chapter 13
Aunt Alexandra plants to stay at the finch residence to provide the kids with a feminine influence. Alexandra receives a warm welcome with neighbours bringing cakes and pastries. She spends most of her time discussing the towns characteristics and expresses her pride of being a Finch. Alexandra is disappointed with the amount of pride Scout and Jem have about their ancestry and orders Atticus to lecture them about their history, only causing scout to cry.
Chapter 14
The impending trial of Tom Robinson causes many locals to glance or whisper whenever Scout and Jem Finch past. One day, scout asks Atticus what rape is and the trip to Calpurnias church comes up. Aunt Alexandra forbids Scout to attend church next Sunday. Later that night, Jem tells scout to stop antagonising Alexandra, angry at being lectured she attacks Jem. Atticus breaks the fight and sends both kids to bed, scout finds dill hiding in her room. Dill has run away from his mother and new father because they paid no attention to him. Scout tells Atticus who tells dills aunt.
Chapter 15
Tom Robinson’s trial is drawing ever near and he is escorted to Maycomb Jail. Near 10 o clock scout and Jem follow Atticus to Maycomb jail. He is reading the newspaper so they make plans to heard back home. But after a couple of minutes, four cars appear which bring men, demanding Atticus to move aside from the entrance, to which Atticus refuses. Scout runs out of her hiding place and notices that this group of men had visited their house the night before. Next Jem and Dill appear, and Atticus demands they go home. One of the men tells Atticus that he has fifteen seconds to remove these kids from the block. Scout suddenly recognises Mr Cunningham and tells him to say hello to Walter for her. Mr cunningam gathers his companions and they leave.
Chapter 16
The trial begins and people from all over the country accumulate in the town. Most people go to the courtroom but Miss Maudie says she’d rather not go. Scout and Jem wait for everyone to enter the courtroom before them because they do not want Atticus to notice them. They end up sitting in the black area and have a clear view of the entire courtroom.
Chapter 17
Mr Gilmer, the prosecutor, questions Heck Tate who recounts the events of November 21st. Tate found Mayella Ewell bruised and beaten after being raped by Tom a Robinson. Atticus reveals that no doctor was admitted and the wounds on Mayella were on the right hand side of her face. Bob Ewell, Mayella’s father, explains to the jury that he witnessed his daughter getting raped through a window. He recalls telling the sheriff, and Atticus wonder why no doctors why summoned (too expensive). The jury notices that bob is left handed and a left handed individual is more likely to wound the right side of a face.
Chapter 18
The trial continues with Mayella’s testimony next. She is terrified whilst explaining that she called Tom Robinson over her fence and offered him a nickel if he broke up her dresser for her. After he entered the house, she claims he took advantage of her. Atticus ponders her story and later asks why her screams didn’t attract the attention of her several siblings and wonders how Tom could wound Mayellas right side so badly considering he, himself was right handed. Atticus pleads for Mayella to admit that there was no rape, she screams and calls the jury a bunch of cowards if they fail to convict Tom. Tom is next to testify.
Chapter 19
Tom tells the jury that he often passed the Ewells house receiving tasks from Mayella. Mayella asked Tom to fix a door. He entered the house and noticed that the door was completely fine. She then asked him to lift a box down from her dresser. He climbed onto a chair and she grabbed his legs pulling him down whilst begging him to kiss her. As he struggled, bob arrived and threatened to kill Mayella. Tom fled.
Chapter 20
When dill and scout return to the courtroom, Atticus is closing his remarks. He finished going over his evidence and makes a final appeal to the jury. He discusses that the crime contained no documented evidence and had unreliable witnesses. He then adds his own personal opinion, he explains that Mayella is a lonely girl who lusts over Tom Robinson, she concealed her shame after being caught in the act. He begs the jury to understand that colour in skin tone does not mean you are a criminal. As soon as atticus finishes his statement, Calpurnia enters.

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