To Kill a Mockingbird Events and Story Plot Elements Flashcard Example #43811

The reader learns that the setting is Maycomb Alabama 1935
Scout goes to school for the first time and encounters many of the different social classes.
Rising Action Event 1
Mayella Ewell has accused Tom Robinson
Rising Action Event 2
Tom gets shot
Rising Action Event 3
Bob Ewell is angry and swears revenge
Rising Action Event 4
Bob Ewell Attacks the kids
Bob Ewell gets stabbed
Falling Action Event 5
Scout meets Boo Radley
Falling Action Event 6
Jem and Scout are saved by Boo Radley
Trial of Tom Robinson, person vs. person
Central Conflict
Part of the story that introduces important background information for example the setting, events occurring before the main plot characters backstory,etc.
Rising Action
A series of conflicts in a literary plot that build up to the point of greatest interest.
The turning point of the story the point of the highest intensity or drama.
Falling Action
Occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict is resolved.
The final closing and clarification of the dramatic or narrative plot.

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