To Kill A Mockingbird Main Events Flashcard Example #44937

Chapter 1
· Jem and Scout meet Dill.
· Dill dares Jem to touch the Radley house.
Chapter 2
· Scout and Miss Caroline have a confrontation.
Chapter 3
· Walter Cunningham comes to dinner.
· Burris Ewell defies Miss Caroline.
· Atticus continues reading to the children.
Chapter 4
· Jem and Scout find gifts in the oak tree.
· The children act out Boo Radley’s life story.
Chapter 5
· Miss Maudie remembers Arthur Radley as a boy.
Chapter 6
Jem loses and retrieves his pants.
Chapter 7
· Jem tells Scout that he found his pants folded and mended.
· The children find things in the hole in the tree, but it is then sealed over.
Chapter 8
· Jem makes a snowman.
· During the fire, Boo Radley covers Scout with a blanket.
Chapter 9
· Scout gets into a fight with Cecil Jacobs over Atticus.
· Scout fights with Francis.
Chapter 10
· Atticus kills the rabid dog.
Chapter 11
· Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose. She dies and Atticus explains her reasoning.
Chapter 12
· Scout and Jem attend Calpurnia’s church.
Chapter 18
Atticus questions Mayella.
Chapter 19
· Tom takes the stand. Dill cries in the courtroom.
Chapter 15
· Jem and the children follow Atticus to jail. Scout stops the lynch mob.
Chapter 20
· Scout and Dill talk to Mr. Raymond. Atticus gives his summation.
Chapter 21
· Atticus lets the children return to the trial to hear the verdict.
· Jem is happy that the jury is out for a long time. Jem flinches each time a jury member says Tom is guilty.
Chapter 22
· Jem cries as he leaves the courtroom. Jem is disappointed in the people of Maycomb after the trial.
Chapter 23
· Atticus and Jem discuss justice and the jury system. Jem learns that Atticus put a Cunningham on the jury. Jem shows Scout his chest hairs. Jem realizes that Boo stays in the house because he wants to. Jem does not want Scout to kill a bug.
· Bob Ewell spits on Atticus.
Chapter 24
· Atticus explains Tom Robinson’s death.
Chapter 25
· Jem and Dill watch as Atticus tells Helen about Tom’s death.
Chapter 26
· Jem gets angry with Scout when she asks about Miss Gates and Hitler.
Chapter 13
· Aunt Alexandra comes to stay.
Chapter 14
Jem tells Atticus that Dill is hiding in the house.
Chapter 27
· Bob Ewell makes trouble for Judge Taylor and Helen.
Chapter 28
· Cecil Jacobs scares Jem and Scout. Jem and Scout are attacked. Mr. Tate finds Bob Ewell dead.
Chapter 29
Scout sees Boo Radley for the first time.
Chapter 17
· Atticus humiliates Bob Ewell.
Chapter 30
· Atticus and Mr. Tate argue over who killed Bob Ewell.
Chapter 16
· The children watch the trial.
Chapter 31
Scout walks Arthur home

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