TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD SUMMARIES 1-11 Flashcard Example #5668

Chapter 1
Introduces the main characters Jem ,Scout,Dill, Calpurnia ,Atticus Shows some history on the family and the mysterious figure Boo Radely who they later in the chapter try to make come out of his house.
Chapter 2
Scout’s First day of school and it does not go well for her where her teacher Mrs. Caroline tells her Atticus taught her all wrong
Chapter 3
The Ewells show up for annual school day he has cooties. Atticus teaches the children about other peoples P.O.V. Calpurnia tells scout about politness
Chapter 4
Scout and Jem begin to find presents in the tree Dill Jem and Scout re-enact Boo Radely’s life and Atticus begins to find out about their game while Scout hears somebody laughing in the Radely house.
Chapter 5
Scout gets pushed to hang out with Mrs. Maudie who is the town gossiper Scout, Dill, and Jem soon try to communicate with Boo Radely by using a pole to deliver a note.
Chapter 6
Dill, Jem, and Scout go to the Radely house at night to see boo through the windows but are only shot at by his brother. Jem gets his pants caught in the fence leaving them behind coming back later seeing they are folded on the fence and sort’ve fixed
Chapter 7
Jem tells scout that his pants were fixed and folded on the fence. They check the tree hole for presents but its been cemented. boo’s brother preventing any relationship bringing Jem to tears. Scout doesn’t know why Jem cryed
Chapter 8
It snows. Mrs maudies house burns down… Boo puts a blanket around scout while she watched Mrs. Maudies house burn down
Chapter 9
Atticus’s Case takes a toll on the family. Scouts Cousin Francis fights Scout and she gets in trouble. Afterwards later in the night Atticus talks to his brother about the Tom Robinson case not knowing if scout can cope with the pressure, he knows scout was listening
Chapter 10
In the beginning of the chapter the children are unhappy in Atticus not having any skills and in the end see him show his marksman abilities and Atticus tells them not to kill a mockingbird with their air rifles
Chapter 11
After being picked on by an adult ,Mrs Dubose Jem loses it and destroys her lawn. Atticus teaches him an important lesson on courage.

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