tragic hero in Julius Caesar Part 1 Flashcard Example #54273

Caesar is the tragic hero he was a noble man of high rank, with a tragic flaw which lead to his downfall
What was Caesars flaw
Caesar flaw was his ambition…Brutus in Act 3 Scene 1 “ambition’s debt is paid,”
Julius Caesar
was the main tragic hero of the book becasue the book is named after him
Every Roman followed his leadership and Caesar also defeated the great Pompey
A Crown
Caesar made himself look noble to the commoners. Casca said, “Why there was a crown offered to him;…people fell a-shouting” (I,ii,221-223).
The Romans would stand along the street sides to watch him pass by. “Madam not yet, I go to take my stand; To see Caesar pass on to the Capitol,” said the soothsayer (II,iv,25-26).
Caesar had the greatest rank possible as he would have been crowned king if it wasn’t for the conspiracy’s plot. As Casca said, “Indeed they say senators tomorrow; Mean to establish Caesar as king…” (I,iii,87-88).
Caesar created history
It is only because Caesar himself … would we be talking about Brutus? As Cassius ironically said, “…How many ages hence shall this our lofty scene be acted over in states unborn…” (III,i,112-113).
Caesar would have never agreed to anything that was unlawful or would not suit him …he was Caesar…to change his main … might as well hope to “lift up Olympus” or “as constant as the northern star”
Brutus makes Antony promise not to say anything inflammatory at Caesar’s funeral. Caesar would have never agreed… Brutus makes a childish suggestion…instead of blaming the killers, Antony should speak of Caesar’s virtue by focusing more on Caesar’s life than his death.
Caesar had no fears
Calpurnia’s dream is dismissed…dont leave she begs…but Caesars refuses to give in to her fear
Caesar is deceived by many he trusted
Decius enters saying that he must bring Caesar to the senate and to dismiss Calpurnia’s dream …why you swayed by a women …what will the public think
Et tu Brutus (You to Brutus)
Caesar dies and those are his last words… meaning if you my best friend want me dead I will die… Britus is the last to stab Caesar a coward to the last …only after all have gone is he to go
Brutus justified Caesar death to the conspirators
“we are his friend by shortening the time Caesar would have worried about death” Brutus looks small in this justification
Even in death he is Caesar is GREAT
Brutus tells his conspirators to walk down the streets with Caesars blood and proclaim liberty …they dilute themselves think this will somehow become a ritual for the ages
Brutus argues to the crowd …but commits suicide later
“”it was for the good of Rome” “Caesar was GREAT but ambitious”
The plebeians riot
to hear of Caesars generosity, “a portion of his personal wealth to each citizen” “a park and garden for the peoples pleasure” they can’t listen any longer and riot
Brutus dies a cowards death
he falls on his own sword… suicide

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