Tragic Hero (Othello) Flashcard Example #14951

Tragedy/Tragic Hero
through some weakness of character or error of judgment, unknowingly brings doom on himself.
High Importance/Rank
What does this mean in the play?

What might this mean in our world?

tragic flaw (error in judgment, mistake, or sin)
Some Examples of Hamartia
-excessive pride (hubris)
-misplaced trust
-excessive curiosity
-lack of self control
Famous People with Hamartia
-Lance Armstrong

-Tiger Woods

-Amy Winehouse

What might be Othello’s?
He is too fast to trust Iago and trust Iago over his wife ending up killing her
-Reversal of fortune

-Everything begins to go wrong for the character

-When might this be in Othello?

epiphany, self-knowledge, realization of truth
When is Othello’s’ perpeteia?
When he kills Desdemona, when he slaps her, when he starts to believe Iago over Desdemona, when he comes up with the plan to kill Desdemona
When is Othello’s anagnorisis?
When he finds out Iago made up the whole thing about Desdemona and Cassio’s affair and that he killed Dasdemona for nothing
purification of emotions (usually felt by the audience)

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