US History Flashcard Example #99921

What were key factors in creating a strong wartime economy?
new technologies, new methodologies, full labor force, government direction
What was the purpose of the War Production Board (WPB)?
to regulate the production and allocation of materials
Imagine you are doing a report on the Nuremberg Trials. Which primary source material would help you analyze the issues that the Nuremberg Trials addressed?
diary of a Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz
How was the Lend-Lease program a significant departure from the policy of neutrality?
The program involved the United States in the war by sending munitions and armaments.
Why did the United States and the Soviets end up on opposite sides of the Cold War?
They had very different political philosophies that lead to a deep mistrust of each other.
What was a root cause of the Containment Policy?
Soviet expansionist plans
Because the Cold War relied so much on intelligence gathering and covert military actions, leaders often felt the need to conceal information from Congress and the American public. Which historical event best fits this description?
invasion of the Bay of Pigs
One US president spoke of forging a society in which poverty and injustice would be fixed, while technological achievement in space exploration would be celebrated. What presidential agenda does this describe?
Kennedy’s New Frontier
How did the Vietnam War influence the foreign policy of Richard Nixon?
He developed a more limited and strategic policy for the use of American troops.
What caused protests in South Vietnam during the presidency of Ngo Dinh Diem?
Diem enacted policies that were oppressive to Buddhists.
Which term refers to the foreign-policy strategy that supported peaceful coexistence with the Soviet Union?
What was NOT true about the Korean War?
The UN supported a police action.
Which emerged after deindustrialization?
service-based economy
Which did Carter establish to clean up polluted areas throughout the United States?
Which of the following WAS NOT a Great Society program?
Social Security Act
If you were asked to write a summary of the 1968 presidential election, on whom would you likely focus significant attention?
Gerald Ford
In his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” how did Martin Luther King describe the purpose of nonviolent direct action?
to create tension to force negotiation
What role did the NAACP play in the early civil rights movement?
It worked for decades to lay the legal groundwork for desegregation.
What piece of legislation helped to expand the middle class?
the Civil Rights Act
What important demographic shift occurred in the 1950s?
White families moved out of the cities and into suburbs.
Who was a member of the U.S.-backed Mujahadeen?
Osama bin Laden
What was the name given to Gorbechev’s policy of political openness?
How did the foreign policy doctrines of the two Bush Presidents differ?
One relied on multilateralism and the other was unilateral almost to a fault.
What steps did US President Bill Clinton take to attempt to secure Bosnia and keep the peace there?
He supported the idea of a UN-run war in Serbia to bring peace to the area.
Just-in-time management could be best defined in which of the following ways?
decreasing inventory to lower costs
Henry Ford improved which of the following concepts?
assembly-line principles
Why did Osama bin Laden declare war on the United States?
He saw the United States as an oppressive, occupying force that was evil and harmful to Islam.
What was the purpose of the Homeland Security Agency?
It was created as an umbrella agency to help coordinate communications between agencies responsible for national security.
Which event best shows the destruction of the natural landscape due to the settlement of the West?
Many settlers were unable to farm the Great Plains due to the challenges of working with the land.
A city planner has announced plans to establish a coastal city that will be the main trading port for a region. Knowing how the geographic location of New Orleans made it more vulnerable to Hurricane Katrina, which of the following factors should the city planner most consider?
the city’s elevation above sea level
Why do citizens have a responsibility to participate in matters of the government?
It is the law for people to actively contribute to society.
Populism supports the rights of whom?
the people
From which region has there been a dramatic increase in immigration to the United States since 1965?
Latin America
What was the significance of the Clean Air Act of 1970?
It established federal emissions standards.
Which description best details a common theme of the Lost Generation writers?
need to express the African American cultural heritage and voice
Which woman was a writer associated with the Harlem Renaissance?
Zora Neale Hurston

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