Vocabulary Bell Ringer List 1 and 2-Antigone (Synonyms and Antonyms) Flashcard Example #34149

Synonym: Belie
Synonym: Champion
To favor; advocate
Synonym: Beguiled
Delude; captivate; enchant
Synonym: Augury
Prediction; forecast
Synonym: Fertile
Fruitful; prolific; fecund
Synonym: Desolate
Bleak; depressive
Synonym: Defile
contaminate; taint
Synonym: Appease
conciliate; mollify; placate
Synonym: edifying
enlighten; educate
Synonym: Giddy
flight, frivolous; light headed
Synonym: Baseness
vileness; servility; unworthiness
Synonym: Accord
Cohere; conform
Synonym: Chasten
Admonish; chastise; chide
Synonym: Bequeathed
leave; will
Synonym: Daunt
Discourage; dishearten
Antonym: Giddy
Antonym: Levelheaded; steady
Antonym: Accord
Antonym: disharmony; disagreement
Antonym: beguiled
Antonym: to enlighten
Antonym: edifying
Antonym: heinous; nefarious
Antonym: Desolate
Antonym: population; cultivated
Antonym: Defile
Antonym: to enhance; clean; cleanse; purify
Antonym: Daunt
Antonym: To encourage
Antonym: Chasten
Antonym: Reward
Antonym: Appease
Antonym: anger; enrage; incense
Antonym: Champion
Antonym: to persecute
Antonym: Belie
Antonym: To support; to agree with
Antonym: Fertile
Antonym: unproductive
Antonym: Bequeathed
Antonym: To keep; to horde
Synonym: loathing
Abhor; abominate
Synonym: heedless
Unmindful; neglectful; oblivious
Synonym: haughty/insolence
Conceited; snobbish; disdainful; insolent
Synonym: grievous/ lament
Grieve; bemoan; deplore
Synonym: gravity
Earnestness; sobriety; solemnity
Synonym: Malady
Illness; ailment; infection
Synonym: inviolate
Synonym: Lineage
Background; ancestry
Synonym: Grievous/ Gravity
Critical; serious; severe
Synonym: Haughty/ Guile
Arrogant; cocky
Synonym: Insolence / Guile/ Ignoble
Vileness; servility; unworthiness; Haughty
Synonym: Infernal
Diabolical; fiendish
Synonym: Impelled
Propel; oblige
Synonym: Ingenuity
Cunningness; creativity; imagination
Synonym: Ignoble
Mean; sordid; dishonorable
Antonym: Insolence
Antonym: Polite
Antonym: To rejoice
Antonym: Gravity
Antonym: unimportance
Antonym: Haughty
Antonym: Humble; modest
Antonym: Loathing
Antonym: To love; adore
Antonym: Guile
Antonym: Openness; candor; honesty
Antonym: Ignoble
Antonym: Dignified; grand; honorable

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