Young Frankenstein Flashcard Example #43659

What does the writing on the coffin say?
Baron von Frankenstein
What does the professor demonstrate to the class?
Motor Impulses
What does the man bring Dr. Frankenstein?
The will of his great grandfather
Where does Dr. Frankenstein travel to?
Who are the two people who meet Dr. Frankenstein at the train station?
Igor and Inga
What happens every time someone says Blucher?
The horse get scared
What do Dr. Frankenstein and Inga hear coming from behind the bookcase?
Strange music
What is hidden at the end of the secret passageway?
The laboratory
What is the title of the book on the table in Victor Frankenstein’s private library?
How I did it
What does Igor draw at breakfast?
The creature
Why do Frederick and Igor go to the graveyard?
To get a body to work on
What happens when Igor is at the brain depository?
He drops the brain and gets the abnormal one
How would you describe the way Dr. Frankenstein acts when working on his creature?
What does the man at the meeting say scientists want?
To rule the world
What does Inspector Kemp suggest at the meeting?
To visit Dr. Frankenstein
What happens when Igor lights the match?
The creature attacks Dr. Frankenstein
What brain does Igor say he gave to Dr. Frankenstein?
Abby Normal (abnormal)
What does Inspector Kemp do when playing darts with Dr. Frankenstein?
Confronts Dr. F about aging a Frankenstein
Who releases the creature?
What calms the creature?
Violin music
What happens every time Harold tries to serve the creature?
He poops the soup on the ecreature not in the bowl
What does Frederick say is the only thing that can save the creature?
What does Frederick tell the creature is the reason people hate him?
They are Jealous of him
What do Dr. Frankenstein and the creature do during the demonstration?
They sing and dance
Who comes to surprise Frederick?
His fiancee Elizabeth
Who leads the mob to Dr. Frankenstein’s castle?
Inspector Kemp
What attracts the creature to Elizabeth?
Here singing
How does Frederick correct the imbalance in the creature’s cerebral spinal fluid?
He transfers his own to the creature
Who ends up marrying Elizabeth?
The creature
Why do you think Mel Brooks made the film Young Frankenstein?
To put a funny new twist on a classic

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